Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is There No End?

That's what I keep asking myself...is there no end? Apparently, with this project there isn't! It's like the energizer bunny, who keeps going and going and going. The only problem is I'm running out of steam...OH NO!!! Say it is not so...LOL!!! What I need is one entire week with no interruptions to finish it up, but since that's not about to happen I just keep plodding along, joyfully I might add, even though the stream is running out of my choo choo train.
You're probably wondering what that WEIRD purple thing hanging from the headboard is. You are wondering about it aren't you? OK, so just in case you are, it's my Tribal Headgear I bought at the Belly Dance Festival several weeks ago. I'm really not sure what to do with it so there it hangs.

Monday I decided to indulge in a change of scenery so I headed over to one of my favorite antiques stores in the city of Orange. I've been in search of old table linens for who knows what reason...I don't know, they just seem to be calling to me of late.

I found this beauty wadded up in a ball and tossed over the side of a strange laundry contraption. Maybe it was waiting for someone to take it home to give it a bath, which is exactly what I did. The poor thing smelled like it had been in the attic for over 100 years. In fact it smelled so bad That I hated carrying it around the store, yuk! yuk! yuk! I was finally relieved when one of the workers came by and took it up front for me...huge inhale!

But isn't it a pretty thing all washed up and draped at the foot of my bed. I love this bed! I bought it from a guy 25 years ago in Yuma Az.
It's a simple little piece with plain lines and the most comfortable mattress in life. I've always imagined that it was built by some humble Kansas Farmer for his beautiful bride-to-be and since I've never found a Sears and Roebuck's or Grand Rapids Michigan markings anywhere I like to keep imagining :-).

Here's my closet. We took the doors off, added shelves, and replaced all the moldings. I still haven't been able to get it completely organized because I have to go to work each day. I'm having one of those weeks where I love/hate my job. I love the fact that I get to work in a wonderful environment with extraordinary women who make me laugh and I get to help women, but on the other hand, I have to leave my precious little cottage each and every morning knowing that there's so much that needs my attention here. So that's my love/hate situation.

Have I mentioned that I'm a fabric monger! I know I have in the past, but just in case you missed it, "I'm a FABRIC MONGER!!!" I love fabric!!! I can spend ALL DAY in a fabric store and never become bored. Lately my favorite is velvet...ahh... the soft supple feel of it against your hand...so wonderful. When I was a little girl I had to touch everything every time we went into a store. If my mom didn't keep a close eye on me I'd wander off to the clothes department where I would run the fabric through my fingers. I still do the same thing today ;-O! You can't take me to museum's either...I always end up in trouble with the guards.
Oh, while cleaning out my closet I found a pile of these...crazy quilt patches waiting to be assembled. I don't have a clue as to what to do with them.
Well, life is busy and I'm sneaking in my post while at work so I better be going for now.
until next time I hope you all have fun!

xoxo Cori

P.S. I just finished reading my preview and it looks like I have A LOT of "I don't know's" in my life...hmm...must think about that!


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Seriously...work sure messes up inspired people with a cottage to fluff. My "cottage" has been a work in progress since January, and only now am I beginning to feel like I can take a break and go play outside instead of doing more and more inside.

Of course it would be so much easier to just be decorative in life rather than having a job for money!

Dust and ideas can wait...summer days will not!

Deborah said...

Oh Cori!! I love your Tribal Headgear. It looks lovely hanging on the headboard. I LOVE your crazy quilt patches. I have always want to make one. The room is a dream! Sooooo lovely. Do you find yourself stopping at the door frequently just to look in? I would! I have the same problem with fabric. My problem extends to the fabric people are wearing. I will never forget the look I got from a friend as I ran my hand up and down the arm of her husband feeling his silk suit!!! OOOppps. At least it wasn't his leg!

Dee said...

Things are coming along lovely, and yes the table covering is beautiful!

grey like snuffie said...

That is one gorgeous table linen...laughed picturing your face all screwed up from the smell. I have some boxes like that in my basement...just don't want to open them up. It looks beautiful laying on your bed.

Lisa said...

Oh i love your room! And I hear you about fabric!! I don't really even sew but I LOVE fabric!!
Hugs, Lisa

ellen b. said...

The bed really is sweet and I like what you did with that yucky smelling wadded up linen thingie. Looks lovely there as does your tribal headgear! Things are shaping up beautifully in this room!

Silver said...

So sweet and soothing. The colours are gorgeous !

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Cori, I've been wanting to get back with you concerning your email address. I can't believe I over looked it. Well it's good you have it on your site! I'm crazy about your headboard, looks very nice!

You mention you had a starling for a year. I raised one before Bobby, and he was a nut. I loved him so much. So much to tell about him- maybe I'll email you and you can tell me more about your little guy you once had. I would love to hear about him! I don't want to go on and on so let me just say one more thing about Bobby, he really needs to to go shortly because of I have so many other birds. Please pray that this guy will be the best of the best and live for a very long healthy life.

I'll try to get back with you again shortly I hope- Don't hold your breath though because I'm going bird crazy around here. Take Care

Moorea said...

Cori- The room is coming along swimmingly! You have though of everything. I love the petticoat lampshade. I think you should frame three of the most beautiful crazy blocks and hang them. But you could also make pillows out of them. I cannot wait to see what you do- it is all so beautiful. I'm glad you had such a nice Independence Day. Ours was hectic, our church had a fireworks booth- the youth are going to the Philippines, so we were fund raising. Well, the week is almost over- have a great weekend. We are going to tear off a roof on the small addition and replace it over the next few weeks.

Love, Moorea

Beverly said...

Cori, I know just what you mean about going to work. I sit at work thinking about all I want to do at home.

Your room is looking so pretty, and I can't wait to see it all completed. Have fun!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Cori

I think that IS Beverely of "How Sweet The Sound" -- she has a Typepad blog, not a Blogspot one, but I think she uses a blogger profile to leave comments.