Sunday, July 5, 2009

Your Life is a Weaving!

My child, your life is a weaving.
Beauty will not come to you by joy alone.
Life may be tortuous at times, and the pathway rough.
From fabrics of lovely silk
and from cords of rougher materials,
I fashion what pleases Me.
You may never know why certain experiences come.
It is enough that My hand brings them all.
My grace is limited in no way by sorrow and difficulty.
Indeed it shines like a strand of gold
mixed in with the black of grief.
My hand moves with infinite love,
and I am creating a pattern of intricate beauty.
Be never dismayed.
The end shall bring rejoicing for both you and Me.
For you are My workmanship,
created in Christ,
even in His mind before the worlds existed.

Frances J. Roberts
Come Away My Beloved


Beverly said...

I've always loved this, Cori.

Thank you for sharing it today.

Deborah said...

Good Morning my friend. This is so lovely. I have a little award for you...**kisskiss* Deborah

Andrea said...

How beautiful! I love the deep meaning and purity of these lovely words!

Cori, thank you for your prayers and concern. My dear husband is doing better, but we are in a waiting time. He will see drs. this week and have many tests. So, I will have more to share soon.

I value your friendship and support. Through the prayers of so many dear ones like you, the Lord has kept me. God is so good!

Many blessings to you this Lord's Day! What joy fills my heart to know we were in His mind before He spoke the world into being.

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Perfect words to meditate on during a lovely joyful Sunday!


Lisa said...

Super sweet I love it!!
Hugs, Lisa

miss gracies house said...

Now, this is Hope!