Saturday, September 5, 2009

Autumn is in the Air

Are you feeling it too? Autumn is almost here. Or has it arrived and I just missed it? This is my favorite time of year to play in the vineyard with all the fallen leaves and the smell of grapes drying in the sun, but this week has been too hot and I’ve been loathe to step outside for any reason. 
I don’t remember ever having humidity like we’ve had the past few weeks and I’ve decided I could never live in the South NO MATTER HOW BEAUTIFUL!
Roger's Gardens is having their Fall opening today so that's where I'll be. Then later, IF IT COOLS OFF, I’ll be rearranging the furniture in the vineyard. There’s this nasty Mockingbird that keeps leaving messes on my pink Adirondack…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


Deborah said...

How rude of the bird! Beautiful photos! I love your little area under the grape vine, especially the flamingos! I need some. We are having a very stormy day...wish I was going with you to Roger's Gardens. **blows kisses** Deb

Lisa said...

I'm in love with your pink Adirondacks! Sorry about the bird! Have a lovely fall Labor Day weekend!
Hugs, Lisa

fairmaiden said...

Lovely Autumn view at Brambleberry Cottage...O I do hope you can sit in those cutesie pink adirondecks sometime this holiday weekend! Enjoy Roger's Garden Sale.

fairmaiden said...

PS I added you on my sidebar with lil coco noel as the link...Is that okay? She is soooo cute!

ellen b. said...

I so agree with you on these sentiments. I love Fall and all the changes it brings. This weather has been oppressive and I have felt listless. Hey we drove by Roger's Gardens today so I know right where it is now. I'll visit in the future when it's cooler :0)

Dee said...

Fall is my favorite season as well, the weather has been wonderful and I've welcomed the break from the heat. I'm one of those Southern girls and I truly understand your detest for the humidity and heat..Fall where are you!

Bernideen said...

Yes....Autumn looks lovely there!