Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Funniest thing happened at Work yesterday...

At least I thought it was funny!
I've been trying for months now to get our new website up and running, but I keep running into glitches. Mainly those of the communication kind. Anyways, a few of the things we're adding to the website are gizmo's like FaceBook, Flicker, and our blog (that no one looks at...EVER)!
So, I'm trying to get my new co-worker to help me with this little project of mine and I ask her to set up a Flicker account. Now I've been blogging for almost two years and you would think I'd have a clue by now, but no... sometimes I think I'm blonde ;-). By the way, I'm a brunette or closer to a mouse brown, but always imagined my self as a red head. Thank you Clairol!! You've made me a happy girl.
OK back to my funny blunder...
My new co-worker shows me this real cool thing called Picasa and what do you know, every picture I've ever down loaded to the work blog is right there. How in the world did that happen? So, I tell her to delete EVERY ONE OF THE PICTURES!!!! And then we went about our merry way.
This morning I turn on my computer, open up my work blog, and there's not one picture. No header, no sidebar images, and no pictures with the posts. How did this happen? I begin to have glimpses of the previous days activities and think, "OH NO! When we deleted the pictures from the albums they were removed from the blog, yeah, my thought exactly. 
Who knew there were cyber rabbit trails from one image to an unknown album in a strange thing called Picasa? Certainly not I! While I'm sitting there looking at a blank blog my boss walks in and says in her Indian accent, "Miss Cori, what are you doing?" So I tell her, "I'm staring at our blank blog." She says, "oh yes, I meant to ask you about that." Wouldn't you know she was talking to a friend and sent her to our blog, that no one ever looks at EVER and IT HAD NO PICTURES! 

Today I spent the entire day retracing cyber rabbit trails from one folder to the next and I learned a valuable lesson...If you find a mysterious cyber album with all your images in it, it's OK. It's there for a reason.
No! Really! I am a brunette ;-).


ellen b. said...

I'm a brunette and I don't understand a thing you just said...
I just hope when I turn the computer on it will do what I want it to do.
I hope whatever you are talking about will get fixed if it needs fixing...
Have a wonderful Labor day weekend Cori G!

grey like snuffie said... have an inner blond lurking around. This is when you do system restore...I've learned about is a WONDER tool. You pick a date and it will restore your computer to the way it was that day...everything you deleted magically comes back...I LOVE SYSTEM RESTORE. And isn't that just the way the world one EVER looks and then this....OH HOW FUN LIFE IS!

Cori G. said...

System restore...Pam, I forgot all about that and it's one of my favorite tricks for everything. Thanks for reminding me! And I think I agree, there must be a blonde lurking in here somewhere ;-).

Ellen B., maybe we should set up a bloggy seminar for you so you don't do what I do ;-).

Moorea said...

WOW! That is crazy! What were your photos doing on Picasa?

Fiffer Lou said...

LOL!!! CORI!!!! I love you! You are so hilarious! I can just imagine it....hehe.

Cori G. said...

Hey Moorea,
Every time you upload an image to blogger a copy of it is stored in an album through Picasa. YOu can either keep the images private or open the albums so others can view them. I had no idea!!

Deborah said...

I just discovered Picasa yesterday and I quite impressed with it. So sorry about your blunder. Hope today starts out better!
**blows kisses** Deb
PS come sign up to sponsor Milo's vacation!

Sara said...

Oops! Hope you didn't have too many photos to search out and upload again!

Yes, all photos you download to Blogger to into Picasa web albums! I only found that out because I was downloading so many large format photos when I started blogging in 2007 that I ran out of space and had to buy more after about a year! And later I went through and deleted duplicate photos in Picasa....only to find they had then disappeared from some of my posts.

And I'm a redhead...or was born one anyway (these days the red has faded quite a bit...age, you know)...!

Anonymous said...

i thought Picasa was that dude who painted in different colors.....or maybe it's the house of pie.
Hee hee
YIKES! I have "PC Boy" at home who takes care of all my technological queries, and at work we just email "computer help". Thank goddess. though i must say, i have managed to do a couple things in my day that freaked even the most seasoned techie, heehee.

Lisa said...

Oh NO! Glad you still think it's funny! Good luck getting it all together!
Hugs, Lisa said...

OH MY GOOOODNESS!!! Well, at least you got it back, annnnd you had moral support!!! Your owderful friend/co-worker.

This could be a play of medeival royalty (with computers of course)

"Delete everything said the queen, and so, they did ;)"

Oh my, I might have needed a box of something wonderful to help me with that that... Say, yogurt pretzels?? ;) ;)