Monday, September 14, 2009

New Adventures & New Friends!

Milo saying good-bye to the candy dish filled with Lindt Chocolate…yum!
Today was mine and Milo’s last day of adventures before he climbs back into his SMTU (that’s short for Snail Mail Transporter Unit) and travels across the states to visit Rooty toot Rhonda Roo. She’s his next wonderful hostess on his whirlwind vacation and I know they’ll become the best of friends REAL FAST! Who could not love Rhonda Roo?
But before I wrapped him up as snug as a bug and sent him on his way, he wanted to pick up something sweet for Rhonda Roo. So off to Down Town Disney we went.bye-bye-milo-1
As we were walking by we say a chef with an alligator, crawdad, and a fish in his big pot . Milo had never seen any of these creatures before so he wanted to get a closer look.
Hubby was trying desperately to ignore us as Milo posed and I took his picture.
We found what we came for then headed home to our cozy little cottage.
Milo wasn’t sure he was ready to leave me and my little cottage, but I assured him that his adventures are only beginning and there are so many new friends to be made. He stayed on my head until we were ready to go to bed, but I think he was really counting all the gray hairs up there. Silly bug! I will miss him terribly!!!!
Rhonda Roo, he'll be in the mail real soon.
xoxo Cori


Deborah said...

I must say, I got a frightened when I saw Milo in that pot!!! He certainly has over come all of his fears. I admire the way Milo is not regretting all those years spent in the closet, but rather moving forward and embracing life! Poor, sweet, adorable hubby! Cori, what a wonderful, magical job you did with your many Milo posts. Just too much fun to be legal!
**kisskiss** Deb

ellen b. said...

:0) Love the photo of hubby trying to ignore the two of you! Milo has really been blessed to spend some time with you.

Moorea said...

I've enjoyed reading about Milo's adventures- he certainly has had a fun time with you as tour guide! Farewell Milo!

Andylynne said...

what a delightful way you have described your adventures with Milo. You took me back home to Anaheim and Fullerton. I miss the sunny days of my homeland. But you and Milo made me smile and remember. Did Milo get to the beach?

roostreehouse said...

Ooooh Ms Cori G
Full of love and vivacity
i wish you were coming too
in the fabbb SMTU
but dont you fret
no cause for alarm
@ Roos Treehouse u can bet
no bugs come to harm :-)
So sweet and wonderful Cori G
thanks for sending Milo to me
yall's adventures have brought us all great pleasure
and sharing our bug I will always treasure!!!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Cori;

What a cute post... Love the photos. I hope he has a safe trip... have a great week.


Lisa said...

How cute! What super fun!
Hugs, Lisa

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Cori!
LOL ...I'm sure Milo had a good tie visiting Disneyland ... such a cute idea!

It's been forever since I've come over for a visit -- so sorry --I ahve been playing catch up since we got home from vacation.
Did you see that Tara is back? It was so good to hear from her!

Hugs, Pat

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling this is some adventure, thanks for sharing it, I love the photo.

Have yourself a bright, sunny and lovely week.

Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥♥♥

Cori G. said...

Rooty toot Rhonda Roo,
I tried to come and visit you.
In Milo's SMTU I placed my toe,
but the rest of my body refused to go.
The box began to break in half
as I twisted and tweeked my little calf.
Hubby was alarmed when he came through the door,
at the thought that he may see me no more.
So here I stay while Milo goes
I know you'll care for him as if he were your own.
He carries with him some sweets for you and hopes he will see you very soon.
I can't wait to see the adventures you'll share. Oh how I wish I could be share them with you!!!

Let us know when our little darling bug boy arrives safe and sound. I sent him first class-3 day business so he should arrive by Saturday.

xoxo Cori

Ariadone said...

Yes, Cori, the competition must have been hard on your hushband...we often enough neglect the feelings of the man while we tend to the feelings of bugs...Make it right now you have sent Milo on his road again, that is all you can do now. By the way...he looks like a kind and patient man to me; you'll gain his heart back in no time.

Javajune said...

love this post-looks like milo had a great time! Mmmmm, chocolate
can't wait till he heads my way!

Sara said...

Gosh, I've been missing all of Milo's wonderful adventures these past few days! Somehow I knew he'd be visiting Disneyland, and I truly enjoyed reading all about the fun he had there - wow! What a very lucky bug he is. And very cute too.

I know you'll miss him.

roostreehouse said...

He wants to type you a note:
der cori i ms u
roo lieks hur sweet treets
they r thowing me a partee
xo milo

Tara said...

Hi dear Cori, my sis in blogging--

Needed some time off from the blog but was thinking of you often! Hope all is well, looks like youhave been up to some fun adventures here! :0) Tara said...

This is just wayyyyyy too much!! I LOVE IT!! It makes me smile seeing Milo with you and having a blast! And now he is off to Rhonda rooooooo??? OH ME OH MY!! What wil he get into???

Miss Cori, you are a blast!! Love ya, V

Dee said...

Cori, what a wonderful follow, I enjoyed meeting Milo and really enjoyed your post...I can't wait for Milo to come to Virginia and meet me and my son, I'll be following Rhonda Roo next to see what fun Milo has there, I'm sure you'll miss him...thanks for sharing your adventure!