Sunday, September 27, 2009

Behold, you are in the hollow of My hand. In the moment that you lift your voice and cry unto Me, and when you raise your voice to praise and magnify My Name, THEN shall My glory gather you up. Yes, I will wrap you in the garments of joy, and My presence will be your great reward.

Lift your eyes to Mine. You will know of a surety that I love you. Lift your voice to Me in praise: so shall a fountain be opened within you and you will drink of its refreshing waters.

"Come away, My Beloved"
by: Frances J. Roberts


Deborah said...

Such a peaceful place to visit!
LoVe! I had to clarify my previous post...good grief.

**kisskiss** Deb

fairmaiden said...

Thank you for this speaks to me. "I'm in the hollow of his hand.."

and your picture is lovely.

Ces said...

This is so beautiful. I could use this poem so many times.

I am really not going to tattoo Milo with my name, maybe my initials or maybe just kiss him. Hahahah!

Cori G. said...

I just emailed Deb. I think Milo should come home with some paint somewhere on his little yellow body :-). You're going to have so much fun with him. I have a video of one of my co-workers kissing him all over his little face, but alas, it's on my phone and I don't know how to download it onto my computer.
Are you going to give him painting lessons? I know he'll enjoy THAT!!!!!

xoxo Cori

Rebecca said...

"...Hold me fast, let me stand! In the hollow of Thy hand! Keep me safe, 'til the storm passes by...".

Love to you~Rebecca

ellen b. said...

How blessed we are to be in the palm of His hand...

Lisa said...

How lovely! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Moorea said...

Precious! Thanks for that quote, it was a thirst quencher!


fairmaiden said...

Thank you Cori.
Have a wonderful time of your dream vacation.

I posted on my 'In The Quiet' too...I think you might appreciate what the Lord has been whispering in my heart.

fairmaiden said...


I have never heard the hymn that goes with that scripture. Would you please send it to me?

I know there is much more meaning to that scripture but I only shared what the Lord was speaking to my heart right now through it. I love how His Word is alive and He can lead me to a verse a thousands times and speak different things to me that are relevant for the moment. He's always done that for me, from the beginning of opening a Bible for the first time when I was 17 yrs. old.

Tara said...

Super quote, Cori...loved the pages from the book!