Friday, September 18, 2009

Pumpkin happiness


I don't know if you remember, but a few posts back I started sewing a velvet pumpkin...actually, Milo and I started, but it was time for him to go off on a  new adventure with our beloved Rhonda Roo so I had to finish it on my own...Boo Hoo!
Well, today it was finally's the one on the left in the picture.
It's a little fluffier then the one I bought and looks MUCH better in person
plus it was a lot of fun to make. So much fun that I think I may create an entire
Miniature Velvet Pumpkin Patch.

made of different shapes, sizes, and colors...
Burnt Orange, Yellow, Magenta, and every other lovely color of Autumn.


ellen b. said...

They look great Cori! Oh I'm so glad you are traveling to the northwest to enjoy some real fall weather. So we'll both be there the same time for a couple days. We fly back to L.A. on the 4th :0)
How long are you going to be in the Northwest?

Deborah said...

Oh I LoVe!!!!!!! What did you use for the stem????? Sorry, I'm excited!!! So beautiful Cori. You are quite the artist. **kisskiss** Deb

Rebecca said...


Thanks for sharing!

Love to you~Rebecca

grey like snuffie said...

Cori...that is so gorgeous...well done!

Anonymous said...

But Cori an entire velvet pumpkin patch would be one of the most gorgeous things on the whole planet!!! Love love love!! Alas i have no talent, so I will have to gaze in wonder at your lovely creations!They look so pretty, like little vintage bits of fall happiness!
XOXO Rhonda Roo
PS Milo says hi! We've been getting acquainted off screen, because 1 of the boys who hang around here accidentally mistook my cord that downloads the picture from the camera onto the pc for a video game controller charger and took it home! ACK!

Lisa said...

Pumpkins are my favorites! These are truly special!
Hugs, Lisa

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Cori!

What pretty pumpkins! You did a wonderful job on the one you made and they will both look so pretty of display for autumn.

Little "L" is crawling now...might walk before he is one. It was so good to visit and hug him.

Hugs, Pat

Dee said...

Cori, those are so cute!!

Ces said...

Lovely! These are a lot better than the real ones because they won't rot! If I made one of these, mine would look like a laundry bag.

Barbara said...

Very cool; you are so talented!

Renee said...

Dear Cori, the velvet pumpkins are delightful.

Love Renee xoxo

Bernideen said...

Very lovely!

fairmaiden said...

I am so excited you will make a whole patch of them...I like yours better than the purchased one! Can't wait to see all the colors you will sew. Velvet is so romantic.

my cup of tea said...

Do you have a pattern for these beautiful pumpkins, I have an old velvet jacket that is screaming for a do over! You did a very nice job!

Cori G. said...

Hi Donna,
I made a pattern, but it leaves a lot to the imagination and it's on my computer at work. I'll try tp remember to bring it home, finish it, and post it in a few days.

Ces! You are too FUNNY!!!! Laundry bags?? Ha ha ha!!!

Fairmaiden, I won't have time to sew more until after we get back from vacation, but I already have 3 fabrics that I plan on using ;-).