Friday, April 10, 2009

Viola! Fini! Fin! Tetelisti!

Do you remember this ugly little corner of my 1950's kitchen and the plans we had to build a cupboard for my dishes? Well, we are finally finished after 2 months of construction, but it seems like it took forever...

Hubby took this lovely pile of wood and transformed it into something so wonderful and functional...
I used to be all about "non-function" or "form over function" but when you live in such a small little cottage as I, function unfortunately wins out. But that doesn't mean it can't be pretty or cute for all that matters, right?

We shoved all the furniture into the corner of the dining room so we could work in a dust free environment or should I say, "less dust then out in the garage." For about a month we had to walk sideways in order to get around the table or retrieve something from the backside of the island...what fun! Of course I am only being facetious for it was no fun at all :0!

We did all our painting around little piles of messes that were moved from one place to the next. While our little cottage overlooks a beautiful garden it also overlooks storage and many other modern conveniences like a microwave, dishwasher, and sprinkler system, but don't worry we have hot running water and a garbage disposal and best of all...toilets that flush.
We're not completely in the Dark Ages here at Brambleberry :).

I was beginning to think I was trapped inside some sort of bizarre painting time warp. Every time I turned around I was re-painting the upper cabinets or wondering if I had painted them at all. This is what ADD and Dyslexia will do to your poor little unsuspecting brain and as I sit here looking at my lovely cupboard I think it may need one more coat of paint :0!

Throughout the entire process there were always fresh cut roses to bring a little beauty to the chaos. Thank you Lord, for roses that bloom while neglected.

I think hubby has a weird thing about beadboard. He loves to make his own, but then when I tell him I'm painting it white he gets a frown on his darling little face and tells me he doesn't want it white and insists it be a different color. So I painted the inside of the cupboard pink...what other color is there? I think his fear is that his beautiful detail work will get absorbed into the white and you won't be able to see it at all. Silly man!
Oh! Were you wondering about the baker's box with the
Lavender and Vanilla mini scones?
I got the recipe from my Bloggy friend,
Marye Audet of Baking Delights and they are yummy!!

I have one entire shelf dedicated to nothing but Bunnykins dishes...

Oops! Make that two, hee hee! Plus there's room for more :).

This is the upper cupboard (or part of it) with all its treasures and look...
no longer does my mixing bowl have to be stored on the TOP of the island...wee hee!

And this is the entire piece...Viola! Four shelves above and three below with plenty of space to store my things. But you know what the best thing is? There will be no more jars of nuts and vitamins and coffee containers and tea boxes piled high on the cabinets and as my fanciful friend Vanessa says, "Yippeee!" I love that about her...she's always happy!

Oh speaking of "Happy" today is Good Friday! It seems odd that the day our Lord and Savior was crucified should be called "Good", but then without His crucifixion He never could have been resurrected from the dead! So Happy Good Friday to you all out there in the blogisphere!!

xoxo Cori

P.S. Tetelisti, Translation: Greek - It Is Finished! Paid in Full!
The last words Jesus spoke on the Cross.


Sara said...

The cabinet is perfect - how wonderful to have a husband who can do carpentry! I like having a little glimpse into your cottage...that delicate leaf border between the green and the cream on the walls is fantastic.

So glad to know you DO have flushing toilets!!

Rose Haven said...

What an awesome addition to your storage needs and your kitchen. I'm impressed with hubby's building expertise!! Isn't it nice having someone to build that kind of stuff for you? (Before Tom, I only had me to do it! LOL!)

Happy Good Friday to you, too!


grey like snuffie said...

WOW, Cori...well worth the wait. You guys did a great job. Happy Dance to celebrate!

Deborah said...

Oh it it beauteeeeeeeful! Simply perfect. I LOVE all the little treasures in you cottage. I would like the full tour now, please!!! **blows kisses** Deborah

Just A Gal... said...

It is so wonderful and what a reward... and I agree Yippeee!!!!

And I am a bit envious.. LOL :)


Happy Easter!!!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Cori!

Wonderul post with pretty pictures as usual! I am sure it will be a fun Easter at your home! Wishing you a Happy Easter!


Allidink said...

Oh it looks so cute! I love all your things :)

All the best,

Cori G. said...

Thanks for all or sweet comments, ladies! JustA, maybe I should post about my buckled linoleum or the bathroom that's unfinished going on 15 YEARS...then we'll see if you're seeing green...LOL...:0!
And Deborah, maybe when your in the area we can hop the fence then, wade through the weeds and I can give you a tour of this old crumbling place :).
Have a lovely Easter Ladies!!

Deanna said...

Hi Cori,
I've always thought that buckled linoleum had a certain well-worn charm about it....LOL!

You space looks wonderful and I love the it Bunnykins? Cute!

Deanna :D

Cori G. said...

Hey Deanna,
Yah! It has a certain charm! Especially when I mop and grass starts growing out of it from the trapped bird seed :0. Real charming indeed...LOL!
It is Bunnykins! My favorite! I love to collect it, but only if I find it real cheap!
Have a lovely Easter my stale peep eating friend :)!

Kathy said...

How wonderful - what a handy hubby!!! Love your Bunnykins.

ellen b. said...

Oh Cori!! Hubby did a fantastic job on this cupboard. It is so pretty!! I love it and it really adds nicely to your space. Enjoy!! and a very Happy Good Friday to you!!

Andrea said...

Cori, it's beautiful! It looks like a perfect fit for your space!

God bless, and have a joyful Easter!


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh Cori, Sometimes projects are aggravating during the process, but all so worth it when completed. A JOB WELL DONE-IT looks LOVELY!

Have a Wonderful weekend-

kbbryant said...

That is one sweet cupboard. Looks like good visible and invisible storage for pretties and not so pretties.

Kathy b

Moorea said...

Cori-Thanks for keeping track of me the past week! I have been on Easter Break from school and the kids have monopolized the computer.

You two have done a fantastic job of decorating. What a team you make! It is so sweet and elegant! I love the tall cupboard for all your tea things. Seems totally worth the brain warp to have such a beautiful space. I like the green paint at chair rail level and the stenciling. It looks like you hired a decorator- all the details are there!

I hope you two have a very happy Easter! We have church in the Park on Easter Sunday. It will be overcast, but hopefully not wet. The Lord has always made a break in the clouds for us to worship- even if rain was forcast! ;o)

Bernideen said...

Cori: This is gorgeous beyond imagination!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh, Cori, your cupboard looks wonderful! Now you have a lot of space to collect more lovely things. It's just perfect!

I like the sound of lavender and vanilla scones ...I must get that recipe!

Hugs, Pat

Marye said...

If I promise to cook wonderful things every day, with scones for brekkers and nummy homemade chocolate croissants for elevenses will you please come, you and your hubs, and decorate my house? Youc an stay may take that long.

Cori G. said...

Chocolate croissants for elevenses, Marye? When can we be there? And it'll take that long for us too...LOL!
Hey, can I bring my dogs and all my furniture? We'll move right on it...what room can we start on first? you have no idea how excited I am about this :)))))

xoxox Cori

Marye said...

Sure..we have a fifth bedroom, downstairs at the back..right behind the fact I think it was the original kitchen...DOgs? No SUre we' ll just fit it all in..I think we better start on the is the scariest.

Cori G. said...

Sounds good Marye! If we're not there in a week our truck broke down and we had to head back home, but we'll start on that kitchen first thing :)!