Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little Fuzziness is Always Welcome!

Hubby came home from work the other day and while tending to his duty's of watering and grazing the livestock he discovered a new friend. Or at least Coco discovered a new friend...this sweet little opossum. Isn't she darling? OK, please do not tell me that you don't think this is a cute little creature? Aside from the giant mouth filled with dagger sharp teeth and the beady black eyes they really are cute little fuzzy least I think so :)!

This is where Coco found her, right next to the back door. Hubby said she was in shock and wouldn't move from this spot so I suggested he toss some blueberries her way to see if she would eat. Nope! She wasn't about to let her guard down and enjoy the sweet peace offering right in front of her little pink nose. Oh, by the way, her name is Shirley...hubby named her that :).

Then I suggested he open the gate so she could escape out to the front yard, but first he had to go back indoors for a few minutes so she wouldn't feel threatened. When he came out she was gone, but we've seen her several times since then and at odd times of the day. She appears about six o'clock each evening all by her little lonesome self. Don't you feel bad for her? I know I do! A sweet little thing wandering alone without her mommy and in the dark no less.
She waddles out from beneath the Cypress trees and hugs the picket fence that encircles the rose garden, then heads over to the vineyard and hides behind the fence there. Then straight through the grass in the open where she scampers to the other side then hides under the cover of the nasturtium's and Hollyhock.
So I've decided to leave some fruit and water out in the evening for her and of course there's the nasty slugs and snails for her to dine on...such delicacy's.

You probably didn't know we had livestock did you? That's what hubby refers to the dogs as...livestock. And here all this time I thought they were furry companions.


ellen b. said...

It might be considered kind of cute in a odd way while it's litte but it's going to get big and ugly soon :0) Enjoy your furry friends!

Deborah said...

Shirley IS cute!!! I will have to google the adult version after reading Ellen's comment, though. I would be feeding her too. **blows kisses** Deborah

Deborah said...

Adults actually still cute if not being defensive!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow that is something else!!! Well I am not sure what my reaction would have been at first if I had seen her if I was alone at home... except call Hubby...

I think it is wonder that you though of giving her blueberries...

Oh, your question about the shoes.. they are very high heeled.... I will have to get my high heel foot cushions for them... but they are fun!!! and only for neat occasions... I love them... but I would say if high heel aren't your thing then these will hurt someones feet...

Have a Blesses Day...



Cori G. said...

Hi Natalie,
thanks for the info on the shoes! I can manage a 2-2 1/2 inch heel, but that's it. Those look to be about 3 or 4? Ouch! My poor little toes!! :))

xoxo Cori

Allidink said...

Oh my gosh how neat! I do think they are adorable! We found a wounded baby opossum once. I mean really baby it fit in the palm of your hand. He had a little broken foot :( I named him Achilles and we took him to a wildlife rescue in Huntington and he got all better and then they freed him :) He was the cutest little thing. I love all things fuzzy too.

All the best,

Sara said...

Little Shirley does have a certain charm. Being so little and all!

We have a visitor too, but I haven't named him or her...a big larger than Shirley and not so cute. The other night he was enthusiastically snacking on the cat food I leave out for the stray cat who comes here to dine every morning and evening.

And now I'm feeding the blue jays too...they do love unsalted, raw peanuts in the shell!

Robin Chistensen said...


She's adorable, but once you train her to wander while you are outside in your garden, remember to not pick her up. Don't even try to pet her. Remember your friend under the porch in San Diego? Cranky. Better yet, remember the goose? The deer? Hoppy?



P.S. to all my sister's blog friends - Eventually, Cori will convince Shirley to dine on blueberries served from the palm of her hand (Cori's). This may prove to be another one of those dangerous wild animal moments for my sister. Don't do it, Cori.

Cori G. said...

Hey Robin,
This one were just trying to keep safe from the puppies. They've been leashed after 5:30 because that's about the time she wanders out for her evening meal. She is a very timid little guest :).

I hope you're having fun! Oh next week I think we're headed for Prescott. In fact I better call now for reservations.

Love, me

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I thought possum were nocturnal? It may mean Shirley is ill! Be careful!