Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've become a very busy little bee and have put up two posts this morning.
You'll find my ABC's of the Word post
below my recipe post

for Just-A-Gals Thursday Recipe Exchange.
Stop by and visit both women's blogs to be fed
spiritually and physically :).

Have a lovely day ladies!!
xoxo Cori


Andrea said...

Cori, you are so thoughtful. I love the sugared nuts recipe. I will have to try it soon! Take care of yourself, and God bless you today.


Allidink said...

Hi Cori thanks for commenting on my blog. :) I stopped by at yours earlier and I was actually going to e-mail you because I just had to ask where you went for that fashion show?! I looove Victorian anything and I just about died when I saw all those neat clothes. I actually live in OC too (Aliso Viejo) but I am at UCSD for one more year. The weather today also became dreary but it won't last that way for long, as you know lol. The weather down here is better than OC! I just love your blog I think I share a lot of the same tastes you lol.

All the best,