Friday, April 11, 2008

Every common walk of life is glorious with God's presence, if we could but see the glory. We are always under commission from Christ. Every morning we have sealed orders from him that are opened as the days events come. Every opportunity for duty or for heroism is a Divine call. I must be loyal to duty, no matter where I may hear its call nor to what service it may bid me. Duty is duty, however humble it may be; and Divine duty is always noble, because it's what God himself requires. The work which the day brings to us is always his will, and the sweetest thing in the world to a loving, loyal heart is always God's will. The service of angels in heaven's brightness is no more radiant than the faithful duty-doing of the lowliest saint on earth.

This morning I'll be making a trip to the mountains for my churches annual women's retreat. I'll be traveling with two women who are in their seventy's and are both absolute doll's. I love them dearly.

I usually drive on my own so I can process my time away plus I'm not fond of having my wings clipped..."no auto and at the mercy of others." This is very frightening for me as I'm extremely independent, but I thought it would be good for me to stretch my comfort zone and of course I wasn't willing to miss out on all the laughter.
So, I will think of you all while I'm there and I hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Be back Sunday.


Pat said...

Such a beautiful introduction to this post, Cori!

It reminded me of Mother Teresa's saying:
" I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world."

Have a wonderful and peaceful retreat.

Hugs, Pat

Joyce said...

I hope you have a great time on your retreat and I know that you will receive something because you are going EXPECTING something I can tell.
Thanks for sharing your heart on this post.....every day is an "oppertunity for Jesus" that is forsure....hopefully we accept the mission. :~)
Sometimes, it's just a smile he may require of us.....not much pain there.
Anyhow.......thanks for coming to see me on my blog...I wasn't sure where to answer you back so I am trying BOTH your sites. HA!
Be blessed,

Tara said...


Have a great time, I love being with older women, you just obsorb so much from them!

ellen b. said...

Amen! I know exactly what you mean about stretching your independent self. Good for you :)
You mentioned the Huntington in your comment on my blog. I so want to go there right now before all the wisteria withers and blows away. The tea room sounds wonderful, too. Blessings. Hope your weekend was refreshing...