Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The weather here has been so strange lately. On Monday it was 102 degrees. The hottest place in the nation! Today it was a mere 72, cloudy for most of the morning, then burning off to a beautiful afternoon.

My husband and I were going to bar-b-cue in the back yard and have dinner out in our little vineyard however, he got busy on his plane and I've been puttering on the inside of the house.

You may ask, "what does this have to do with the weather?" Nothing really. I was just commenting on the weather. Maybe the unpredictability of the weather has to do with our lack of enthusiasm for bar-b-cueing. Who knows. Anyway, this has been a very strange week weather wise.

Friday morning me, Elmo, and Coco have a dogie date with one of my sweet friends and her two dogies. the six of us are meeting in Seal Beach for a coffee and a stroll along the waters edge. The question is, how do I dress Coco? She's just a little girl but, mighty in spirit and a definite Tom Boy if you can call a dog a Tom Boy. Anyway, she rolls and rolls and rubs and rubs and basically rolled and rubbed her darling little hair into huge knots so I've had to trim her back to nothing. She has this giant head and humongous thighs and a weence little torso. She looks quite silly. So, do I dress her in a little sweater for her beach excursion or do I let her go au -natural? A woman of any intelligence would simply pack a sweater along with her cookies and water bowl.

So, Friday afternoon we'll see what happens... whether it is hot or whether it is cool.

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Pat said...

Our weather is still on the cool side but will finally warm upo thsi weekend. 102 degrees sounds so hot!

Coco is adorbale! She looks very Victorian with her whittled waistline. :-)

Perhaps a little dog size t-shirt will save her from too much sun on the beach?

Have fun!

Hugs, Pat