Sunday, April 20, 2008

My husband and I started working in this room last July... yes, I did say,"last July." What can I say other then we are slow... very slow.

I have always dreamed of having a bedroom with white bead board and hardwood floors. Actually, if I had my druthers I'd live in an old Victorian Farm house in the middle of nowhere but, here I am in this mega metropolis in a little Ranch style from the 50's. I do count it all joy and feel very blessed to own my own home. Now if I can just turn the interior into a Victorian Farm house.

Rabbit trail, sorry. Back to my room. This is where we are with our room redo. I wanted "White bead board" and everything was going great until we base coated. All the sudden my husband was no longer happy with the idea of "white." He wanted something different but, I wasn't sure what that different meant. After hours of discussion we arrived at Brown Bead board. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? It actually looks really nice.

I thought to myself, "this is your opportunity to have a brown and pink room. Pink is of course the only color that exists for me.

The summer became so swelteringly hot that we had to stop work due to the fact that we were being asphyxiated from the fumes (oil paint). We closed up the windows, put blackout cloth over them, and 9 months later it's still there.

So, my challenge begins. I have collected all my fabrics for the window treatments but what do I actually do with these windows? They're called ribbon windows and are 72" x 24." A very odd shape and almost impossible to drape. I've decided that in order to tackle this project I need to take a week off work so I can have enough time to complete the task.

Oh! We are still missing the cap at the top of the bead board. It has to be painted with the oil paint. Also the windows need to be rebuilt this summer. My sweet hubby will tackle that project on his own. He'll do a wonderful job, I know it!


Marye said...

Your room is lovely.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

fairmaiden said...

Cori, So glad to hear you had a wonderful rest on your retreat. Your 'Vineyard' is like a secret garden. Just beautiful. And Coco is so darn cute!!! Our lil Bella is now 4 mos. We are loving her so much! Maltese are such joy! She is just learning to walk on a leash and she prances like a queen. What attitude she has! I can't believe how fast her hair grows. I have to trim her every week. So what did Coco wear to the beach?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad to meet a fellow dish-aholic! :)

I love your bed! I love tall beds.

Pat said...

Hi Cori

Brown and pink are very stylish colors right now so I bet it will all look wonderful when it's done.

I'm not sure what I'd do with those wondows? There are probably tricks to make them look longer in length. Try asking on this blog:

They are decorating sisters --truly professional--and they have great ideas and like to share!

You'd also love

Donna has painted almost everythhing she has white! It's a perfect cottage look, and she seems to have great ideas.

Good luck!

Hugs, Pat