Monday, April 7, 2008

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! a pirates life for me!

Friday I went and visited one of my favorite places in the world! Disneyland! When my husband and I first met I asked him two questions, 1) Do you love Tolkien's writings, and 2) Do you have an annual pass to Disneyland? I was very sad to hear "No" to both my questions. How could you practically live in Disney's backyard and not have an annual pass. This was very perplexing to me but, I married him anyway.
Soon after we were married my birthday came around and my sweet hubby asked me what I'd like for my present. Hello! An annual pass to Disneyland. He thought I was joking until one night he woke up in the middle of the night and whispered in my ear, "what do you want for your birthday?" I talk in my sleep and he knows this so I always tell him that he can't hold me personally responsible for anything I may say. After all, I am asleep. My response of course was, "Disneyland." So every year since then I've had an annual pass. Sometimes I stop in on my way home from work for a cup of coffee. Other times I just look at the window displays on Main Street and occasionally I'll get on 3 or 4 rides then come home. I find this to be very therapeutic as my life is much faster paced then I would like it.
So, I spent a lovely afternoon wandering through the crowds and riding on the Mark Twain. It was a perfect day.


Pat said...

What fun! You are indeed very lucky to live so close to Disneyland!

I loved Disneyworld in Orlando, Fl the two times I've visited with my family.

What is the Mark Twain ride? A riverboat?

Hugs, Pat

Tara said...

Oh, how nice for you--I guess you must be close by to be able to spend the afternoon! Luck you!

Pat said...

Thanks for telling me it's a paddle boat, Cori! It sounds like a relaxing ride.

I am half Irish, half Ukranian, but married to a native Italian. NY has always been a melting pot for nationalities! :-)

Yes -- get your cookbooks down and have fun!

Hugs, Pat

Arleen said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I sure wish I lived closer to Disneyland! I'd love to stop by any time of the day or year. Even though I live in Northern California, it's been years (10 to be exact) since my family and I last visited the Magic Kingdom. Much too long! Thanks again.

MM said...

Hello,nice to meet you,i just visted the buttonwillow and ther i met you!Great to read your blog!I also love Tolkien.The land of Disney is(sadly) to far away for me...Greets from Holland.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh a kindered soul! There is no place in the world as grand as Disneyland! I'm out in the valley and we make a trip at least once a year. I can't imagine being close enough to stop in after work for a ride or two. Now that is a rich life indeed :)

Nice to meet you, I popped over from Tara's blog :)