Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is my beloved White Wisteria. She bloomed about three weeks after the Purple and her fragrance filled the entire house every evening. I love when my wisteria wake from their slumber as that means spring is truly here. The Black Bees have also come out to play.

This is a corner of the backyard that we call the Vineyard. The little white picket separates the grassy area from the area filled with pebbles. A few years back I asked my darling hubby to build me some Adirondack chairs so that when we had friends and family over there would be somewhere to sit. We placed them in the vineyard to protect their feet from the water.
This is what the vineyard looked like Sunday when I returned from my retreat. You can barely see any of the Adirondacks or anything else behind there. It's so beautiful to just sit under the wisteria in the cool of the evening and do nothing but daydream.
My time away in the mountains was restful and I enjoyed traveling with the two women I drove with. They are both so full of life and willing to spend time with anyone who needed a shoulder to cry on. What examples they were to me of God's grace and love.
Working in full time ministry I sometimes adopt the attitude that I minister during working hours and when it's my time it's my time. I often forget that no matter how tired my Lord was, He was never too tired to minister to those around Him.

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ellen b. said...

Oh I love wisteria and yours is so lovely.