Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Saturday afternoon we celebrated the 3rd birthday of our little niece Lien. My BIL and SIL adopted her two years ago from an orphanage in China.
She was named after the province she was born in.

This is her and her daddy playing on the rocks.
She is the cutest little girl with a sweet gentle spirit.

Oops! Did any one see the sign? Does any one care? I think not, but what did the park designers think? "Certainly if we place rocks around the lake no one will climb on them, especially if we put up a sign." I think human nature got the better of my in-laws and had I not been wearing a skirt I probably would have climbed up too :0 !

This is me enjoying the cool gentle breeze.
It looks like I am in serious need of a pedicure.

Jimmy's sister, Donna with our nephew Dominic. He belongs to our niece Seychelle.
Isn't he darling? He is all boy!

My brother-in-law on the left and sweet hubby on the right.

Dominic had the most fun playing on the slide.


Tara said...


Loved catching up on your posts here! I am back to posting and in healing mode. Can't tell you how much your care and concern meant-- you're so special!


ellen b. said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Dominic has such a sweet face!!

Pat said...

HI Cori!

I'm back from Denver and had wonderful time at the baby shower for my daughter-in-law and son!

Little Lien looks like she had fun at her birthday party! I love her name pretty!

Dominic looks like a darling little boy.

Glad you had happy fmaily time too!

Hugs, Pat

Beverly said...

What a wonderful celebration! And, I do believe the temptation for fun was too great to heed the warning sign. ;-)

Moorea said...

Fun! Hey- is Seychelles in Sacramento? My periodontists daughter has the same name. OK,that would be weird!

bj said...

looks like everyone had a great time!!