Friday, October 24, 2008

Time has slowed to a quiet gentle pace here at Brambleberry Cottage. Almost as if we have been lulled into a peaceful dreaminess of soft mornings, serene afternoons, and evenings spent curled up on the couch with a good book. This is without a doubt my favorite way of life. I long for peace and quiet and yet with work obligations and church commitments that peace always seems to be an elusive memory or thought somewhere deep within the recesses of my mind. Always within my reach and yet not quite within my grasp.

We have been doing some much needed work in our herb garden this week. It has been neglected over the last year and become overgrown to the point of being unrecognizable. All that is visible is a tumbled mess of ivy and fern. Beneath the layers of ivy lay the bones of what was once my favorite little "room" in the yard... a flagstone patio planted with 28 varieties of creeping herbs, a sweet plum tree, a hand made bird bath, and a few roses encircled within a white lattice fence. I'm hoping to bring the area back to life over the next several months so it can once again be enjoyed.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Sounds like you have alot of gardening to take care of, too.

Tom's been cutting back all the perennials and pulling out all of the annuals...getting ready for winter.

I've been sitting on the sidelines since Monday...not doing much of anything, just keeping my feet elevated and iced. View why I haven't been around much here:


grey like snuffie said...

I've had a crazy morning, getting ready for a bunch of college kids coming for dinner and pumpkin carving tonight. When I opened your site---mellow music caused me to stop. Thank you. I am so calmed by instrumental music. It is so enjoyable.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Your garden sounds like such a lovely and romantic place. I hope you get it back to the beauty it once was so you can enjoy it again real soon.


ellen b. said...

I'm glad you got time to sit and sip and relax and work hard in your garden, too. It's always so nice to see the results of our labor...

bj said...

Hi, Cori...just thinking about you and wanted to stop in and say "HEY", bj

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Thanks for your prayers, Cori, dear!

~Blessings and have a wonderful weekend,


Becky said...

I wish I was there to lend a hand.
I think gardening with friends is a wonderful way to spend the day.
I know it will be such a reward once it is finished.

Moorea said...

Oh, how wonderful! An outdoor room!
What a blessing to have a garden you can play in and enjoy. I have always
wanted a garden. I have ALOT of seed packets waiting to be planted though.
Some day! You know, I think I will plan on finding and preparing a small spot to put sweetpea seeds this spring. Thanks for the inspiration!I hope you are able to get it into shape to enjoy soon.
Love, Moorea