Friday, October 3, 2008

Pink Saturday Post

I have a confession to make...
I think I'm all out of PINK and my camera has decided to rebel against me and not work. I've been forced to go through some old pictures for pink inspiration so if you've seen these somewhere along the path, please forgive me! I'm off to buy a new camera this evening!

This darling lamp post came from a previous post about a story book neighborhood nearby. It's streets are lined with Tudor style Cottages with some Victorian and Craftsman Bungalows sprinkled in between. When Christmas arrives I plan to go back and do a Holiday Post on the little neighborhood so stay tuned! I just love the pink roses blooming at the base of the lamp post, don't you?
There are piles and piles of pillows on my bed. So many that my husband says there's no room for people, but my thoughts are that once the bed is made it doesn't need people messing up the pillows. I have a bed fetish so I have a collection of quilts, comforters, and chenille spreads that are rotated throughout the year. This is my spring look.

The trunk at the foot of my bed belonged to my great great? grandfather and was brought across the plains in a covered wagon. My mother passed it on to me when I was 17 and the first thing I did was paint it, what else... pink. It now stores many of my beloved Christmas ornaments. Can you believe the thing still smells of moth balls? I've had it for 30 years and have never put a moth ball in it. Those are some powerful little balls!

If you'd like to see more Pink Saturday Posts stop by and visit our delightful hostess, Beverly at: How Sweet the Sound and have a great pink day!


ellen b. said...

Love all your pink here! The trunk is fabulous and it is amazing how those moth balls linger and linger...

Michelle said...

Hey Cori,

Thanks for commenting on my blog! My sister does, indeed, live in Lunada Bay but we actually grew up in Seal Beach, CA. I believe she's been living in Lunada bay for the past 5 years. They love it there. I hear the weather has been crazy! :)

My sister and I both visit your blog regularly. I LOVE PINK TOO! Your blog is absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for visiting and I will pop in regularly!


Moorea said...

Love the pink! I have not seen these before, I really like that lamp post. We have a neighborhood like that her in Sac, and it is called the Fabulous Forties. All the houses are classic and all very different, from cottages to mansions. I love to drive through there are gawk.
Thanks for the movie recommendation, I really would like to see it. CC is really on fire for the Lord. He makes no apologies in interviews. It is great.

Have a blesses weekend,


Happy Pink Saturday!

This is a cute PINK post!

~ Gabriela ~

My Artful Heart said...

Love your pink pics. Hope that you find a great camera.

It is really amazing how heirloom chests/trunks still retain the scent of moth balls, etc. I have one that my great uncle made and I have not placed any in there either, but the inside still harbor the scent...but hey no moths or other bugs :)

Have a great Pink Saturday!

Jeanie said...

What a wonderful pink trunk! And very special! Happy Pink Sat!

bj said...

Oh, I loved all your pink, Cori...especially the pink trunk.
Hope your weekend is so good!

Smilingsal said...

Your old pictures are new to me. Please come visit for my Pink Saturday offering, and then click on the book in my sidebar for a book giveaway!

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Cori,

Happy Pink Saturday!! I just love that darling pink trunk. How lovely.

Have a great weekend.


She'sSewPretty said...

I love your pillows. I keep a lot on my bed too and I am continually rotating my quilts and chenille bed spreads. I'd love to have a trunk like that to keep my treasures in.
Have a wonderful pink weekend!

Becky said...

Hello Cori,
I hadn't seen your pink pictures before. They are lovely. I love what your DH said about the pillows. My DH agrees with I love the pink trunk.
too. Wow what a story that trunk could tell.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
It is beautiful here today.

bj said...

Hi, Sweetness...just so you know...DEEDS; our little loving name for DEIDRA....

Virginia said...

Love your pink pictures, the pink trunk is my favorite.
Hope you find a great camera and that your weekend is a happy and peaceful one.
Blessings, Virginia

Melissa Wertz said...

Love your pillows and that trunk is really special! Happy Pink Saturday!

Vintage To Chic said...

I love your bed and the story of the trunk. Hope you have a blessed week.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Cori. Good luck with a camera.

Your bed looks wonderful. I think all men are alike about pillows. ;-)

Stephanie said...

Love the pink chest. I have one that I want to paint, hope mine turns out as pretty!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Tricia said...

I enjoyed your pink post. Happy Pink Saturday.

Shiloah Baker said...

Love that trunk!!!

The pillows are beautiful!!!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Lovely PINKness Cori!!!

Thanks for the visit!!


ps...I'm doing VERY well, especially since SHELIA from NoteSongs is back at home, in Galveston after IKE...see my update!!

CC said...

Love your pretty things, specially the pink trunk..

vintagewindow said...

The chest is adorable. I love the soft shade of pink.


Ed said...

I love your pink things.......the roses under the lamp are beautiful

Stacey said...

You have a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing. I feel so inspired! And I LOVE your pink trunk. My father made a trunk for me about 25 years ago... I'm just wondering if it maybe needs to be pink! :-) Stacey

Patricia said...

Your post is just lovely. I especially love your pink trunk. Hope you have a lovely new week.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I am absolutely gaga over your pink trunk. Happy belated Pink Saturday.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy Pinkness to you, Cori...hope you have a great week..I love the pink trunk!

Queen of Dreamsz

Pat said...

I love your trunk Cori! I have one that was the box that my in-laws shipped all their favorite belongings in when they left Italy to live in America --can you imagine having just one box to put it all in? I painted mine, too, as it was just a box of wooden boards, but I treasure it so much.

Hugs, Pat