Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fresh off the Assembly Line!

Well, here it is... my new camera and isn't it a beauty? I guess it's brand new and the latest in Sony photo technology. All I know is that I like the zoom capabilities. I used to carry a Nikon EM that had an 8 inch zoom lens until I bought my first digital. This is my second and I really like it!
So lets see what it can do shall we?
This little guy was sunning on a twig in the front yard and not at all afraid of my peering over the fence at him. He even did a couple acrobatic moves for me.

Isn't he just lovely!

The colors look pretty accurate.
This is some fabric I plan to make a table cloth from.

Elmo, who is usually shy of the camera for some reason decided to check it out today. I think he wonders why does his mom have this thing attached to her face. He's my serious child.

Looks like someone had a little bit too much fun last night!

AH! The roses are still blooming here in our lovely little hamlet of Anasleim...
Oops! I meant Anaheim. This is my English Rose, Abraham Darby. Beautiful isn't it?


ellen b. said...

Oh congratulations. What great images you are capturing!! I like it...

Joanne Kennedy said...

Hey there! What a wonderful camera you got! Those photos are to die for! I need a new camera. I should check out the one you got. Is it hard to learn to use?


grey like snuffie said...

How wonderful. I am in need of a new camera---I really want better zoom and speed.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

It looks like that new camera is a winner!!!

The photos are gorgeous...of the doggie and the the fabric!!!

bj said...

Oh, WOW...amazing photos...looks like you picked a winner with this new camera..
Notting Hill this a new one or an old film ? he is simply CUTE CUTE CUTE in anything he does...I like him as an actor...he's very good...

Beverly said...

How exciting, and it is taking fantastic pictures.

I adore your babies. I have always had a soft spot for little dogs, and yours are gorgeous.

Abraham Darby has always been a favorite of mine. We are still having blooms, too.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Thanks for the visit and comments about our friend, Shelia, from Galveston!!


Moorea said...

Congratulations! What a blessing!
having a good digital camera is a
must...but now we expect you to post
TONS of beautiful PINK pictures :o)
I know you are going to have a great time learning to use it. see ya!

Becky said...

Lucky lucky you. I am so happy for you. What a wonderful camera. It really took great pictures. The color was vibrant and your little pooch is precious.
But that fabric...ahhhhhhhhh to die for. Where did you get that fabric? It is beautiful.
Thanks for your kind comments on the scary room. It really is ok to say it is scary lol I promise you it was!!!

Pat said...

Congratulations on your new camera Cori! It took beautful photos! Elmo is so cute and I wish I could smell that rose. It's getting very cool here --I have to re-adjust to fall.

HUgs, Pat

suzeeez said...

Your dog is adorable .... I have two little ones of my own . Also ... I love the dragonfly pic. Come and check out my blog if you have a chance . The dragonfly pic. on my banner was taken by my hubby . You can actually see that he turned his head to look at the camera . :o) Sue

fairmaiden said...

WoW! Your new camera takes crystal clear pictures. Beautiful! And that fabric is gorgeous, it reminds me of Marie Antoinette(the movie version with Kirsten Dunst)