Friday, October 10, 2008

It may not feel like Autumn...

But it certainly looks like Autumn!
Yesterday on my way home from work I took a detour through the Happiest place on Earth. This time of year it's always decked out with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and Autumn banners, which I failed to get a picture of. One of the first places I like to visit in the park is Big Thunder Ranch, which has been transformed into Woody's Round-Up. Not that I like Woody or anything. Actually if the truth be known I think he's sscccaaarrrrryyyy! But, the area is transformed into a holiday wonderland complete with crafts, cookie decorating, and live entertainment.

Pumpkins and Autumn colors as far as the eye can see.

Isn't this a darling little Surrey? What I wouldn't give to have one of these as a mode of transportation. I sure could haul a lot of furniture with this.

A sportier version. Hey, where are the horses!

I walked into the log cabin and these two old guys were seated at the table playing cards. It was a deja vu moment for me as I felt like I'd walked into my grand dad's house and found he and my cousin Elmer sitting around the table playing cards, drinking coffee, and weaving tall tales. They once tried convincing me that we were of Egyptian descent. "Yah! Right!" Now that I look at the picture I think those are their hats. They always dressed like cowboys.

Woody's stage. I love this old barn at Christmas time all wrapped up
in red and white gingham.

.Outside the cabin was a woman carving pumpkins.
Isn't the Queen of Hearts darling?

How's this for advertising? I like the fact that Northern bathroom tissue
is splinter free. Now that's a real selling point!

This piece of furniture would look perfect in my house.
Or would all my furniture look perfect in this cabin?

This little guy was too cute, but the witch behind thank you!
It started to get dark and a bit nippy out so I made my way back home.
Maybe it is starting to feel like Autumn after all.


Joanne Kennedy said...

I used to go to Disneyland all the time. Had a year pass for several years and then got tired of it. Lately I've been saying I need to get a pass again. You just made me see I need to get one NOW! I love the Hollidays at Disney.


ellen b. said...

Now that was a nice detour and weather cooled off for it, too!!

Pat said...

You're so lucky to be able to drop into Disneyland anytime to browse Cori! Their decorations are wonderful! Thanks for the tour.

When I was a child I always wanted to dress up as a witch for just seemed to have more fun and they all had black cats and could fly on brooms!

Hugs, Pat

jenny holiday said...

Ohhh what GREAT pics!! So fun!!

Thanks bunches for visiting my blog!!

I'll be sure to pop in on you again soon!!

Happy Fall!!
xoxo Jenny