Monday, October 6, 2008

Dear Claire...

I received your comments this morning and was very excited to meet another person with two adorable Maltese pups and other fun things in common, but when I went to your profile page there was nothing there other than your name of course :).
So, I am hoping that soon you'll have your blog up and running and we'll be able to chit chat back and forth. Until then, please try sending another comment with your email and I'll email you back.

Your new friend too!


Beverly said...

I know Claire will love having such a special person as you for a friend. Isn't blogging wonderful?!

Pat said...

Hi Cori

I'm back from Key West, Florida! Thanks so much for your nice comments while I was away celebrating my anniversary! I appreciated them, and more importantly I appreciate your friendship!

There are a few pople who comment on my blog who have no blog either -- it does make it a puzzle how to continue to communicate with them. I hope Claire responds to you with her e-mail.

Hugs, Pat