Monday, November 3, 2008

Along the Road

Do you have a favorite stop along the way to a certain destination?
Well, this is one of ours...
The Pannikin Coffee Houses in San Diego. There are 4 locations, but this one is the most unique. It's housed in an old Historic Train Depot along Coast Hwy in the little town of Leucadia.
On our way to see my family on Friday we stopped to stretch our legs and get a streaming hot cup of freshly brewed coffee...or in my case it was a cup of hot Mexican Coco with whipped cream...yum.

The old train depot is nestled among towering trees and bordered by rose bushes. Time seems to stand still in this little garden filled with mismatched wooden chairs and flowers.
This is one of my favorite spots on earth.

Sweet hubby waited patiently in line while I wandered
around the grounds to take pictures.

This is the interior.
There are shelves that line the walls and old coffee equipment stored above.

The lower floor where the roasting machine is and bags and bags of coffee.
I just love this sign.

The gift shop is on the right where you can purchase anything coffee and tea related.

A counter filled with old time candy.

We sat and enjoyed the cool morning breeze while sipping our beverages before getting back into the car for the long journey ahead.


ellen b. said...

Hi Cori G! you are on my heart and mind. I love these photos. I've never heard of this place but it looks fabulous! Blessings on your week ahead and the Memorial Service for your brother...

Kathy said...

What a beautiful restful place to stop, Cori. Your sweet Hubby reminded me of my sweet Hubby in your picture. My guy will wait for me indefinitely without complaint! Aren't we blessed? Take care of yourself...Kathy

Becky said...

Just checking in on you and wanting you to know.
You're in my prayers.

grey like snuffie said...

What a wonderful place and Mexican Coco on top of that---I love that stuff. Blessings on your week, praying that God will be all that everyone needs, that sweet memories will rise up and embrace everyone.

Pat said...

Glad you had a nice place to rest and refresh for a few moments. I know the journey was a hard one to make Hugs, Pat