Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'd like to thank everyone who has stopped by and left comments concerning my family and let you know that your prayers are very much appreciated.
My mother is of course devastated as my brother was her baby. She was his greatest champion and spent her entire life worrying about his welfare. He was one of those free spirit kinda guys who never had a 9 to 5 and worked at trimming trees. Some years he spent traveling around in his motor home with his dogs. These are things that will cause a mother to worry and she did her fair share.

My sister is the one that has to hold everything together. Since I left that desolate little town in the desert 27 years ago she has taken on my role...that of the peacekeeper. It's been hard on her emotionally and physically, but she always manages to make the best of it.

Life is a funny thing, but death is no laughing matter. Even though our bodies give up our souls return to the Lord. I don't know what my brother's relationship was with the Lord, but I know that my Savior is Righteous and Just.

Oh, the little church in the picture above...it sits on the edge of the sand dunes just this side of the California border. It's in a little town called Felicity...a strange little town with bizarre folk. I think they're waiting for "the mother ship" to come take them away.


Kathy said...

Beautiful post, Cori. I think everyone deals with difficult and painful issues in family relationships. I play the role of your sister in my family. The church pic is precious - funny desription of the town! So glad you're once again back in the comfort of your own home.

ellen b. said...

Glad to hear from you Cori. That church really is interesting sitting there on top of that hill. I know how to pray a little more clearly now for all of you. Hugs and sympathy headed your way...

Pat said...

Hi Cori
I've been wanting to call you but didn't want to intrude -- but now that I know you ae home I'm going to call you tonight.

I have extended "family issues" too -- I think most people do -- but sometimes adversity is what we need to help make us grow stronger.

Hugs, Pat

Joanne Kennedy said...

You know what Cori, I think we all have family members that play the same rolls.

I believe that Jesus meets us when we pass and even if we didn't believe or didn't take the road we should have while alive, He gives us another chance. Faced with all his Glory I'm sure your brother made the right choice and is with Jesus in heaven.

I do not believe in a mean God and it clearly states that Jesus came and died so we all may have eternal life with Him in heaven.


P.S. Those poor people are going to have one long wait if they are waiting for that Mother Ship to show up. LOL

Tara said...


Hope now that you are hme YOU are feeling better...what all happens with our families we can never control. But you have found your peace in sunny CA! I hope your spirit is feeling well now that you are back home.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. Twyla

Margie said...

I'm so sorry about your brother, I haven't been in blogland for a while and I didn't know until now.

It's especially hard to lose someone that you are unsure about their relationship with Christ.

My heart goes out to you and your family. And my prayers are with you also.


Technonana said...

I will be praying for you and your family dear one.
Strange to hear you describe this town this way... I feel that same way about some small town is a certian state south of us.

Beverly said...

I've never had a problem before, but for some reason today I am having a problem leaving you a comment. I'm trying again, and hoping that the third time is the charm.

I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. I guess most families have issues, and the sad thing is that some are never resolved.