Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sneak Peek to the Merriest Place on Earth

There are only two advantages to living in Anaheim:
1. Sweet hubby is here &
2. I live near the Happiest Place on Earth...DISNEYLAND!

Sweet hubby thinks I'm a slight bit pixelated because every year I buy an annual pass. My theory is, "if you live in an area filled with tourist attractions then by all means be a tourist." He doesn't quite understand this theory, but that's OK as long as he allows me to indulge my inner child.
So last night I wandered around to see what kind of Christmas decorating has gone on.
Lets take a look....

The trees at Down Town Disney are all a twinkle with silver lights and bright colorful orbs hanging from the branches.................

Looking overhead in New Orleans Square. All the wrought iron porches are dripping with lights and ornaments and everything sparkly and shiny..........

The famous circular staircase that leads to what was once going to be Walt's private quarters. Now you can rent it for a pretty penny...I think. Blue isn't usually a color I consider for Christmas, but this tree is lovely, don't you think?

Another festively adorned balcony overlooking New Orleans Square. It too is done in blue, but contrasts beautifully with the creamy yellow of the walls.

Regardez beau petit Bat en Rouge avec tout l'it' ;
accents brillants rouges de boules et d'or de s.
N'est-ce pas la vue la plus belle ?

Translation: Look at the lovely little Bat en Rouge with all it's red shiny balls and gold accents.
Is it not the most beautiful sight?
Impressive French, don't you think? Ever heard of Babelfish? It's fun for the whole family!

I spend a lot of time looking up. There's so much to see when a girl keeps her eye on the sky.
It was getting dark and since I happen to be as blind as a bat I decided to head home to the comfort of my little cottage. I can't wait to see what gets transformed next week.


grey like snuffie said...

Oh, thank you for sharing these pictures. I've never been to one of the Disney sites at Christmas.

ellen b. said...

I love how they decorate the happiest place on earth. Makes perfect sense to me that someone who lives that close should have an annual pass. 2 of my sisters and my nieces have annual passes too so they pop in whenever they want :0)

bj said...

These photos are fabulous. Thanks so much!
I am so anxious to start decorating and cooking for Christmas...I am trying very hard to hold off until AFTER Thanksgiving. it DOES need it's day without distractions. Oh, but, I just can't wait....and to see all the decos here in Blogland will be fun!
love, bj

Grandma Faith said...

I love your attitude about being a tourist in your hometown. I know I would buy a season pass if I lived there. The pictures are fabulous. Love, Faith

Becky said...

I would call that going to "My Happy Place!" I love to go to see the flowers and the lights. It is beautiful.
Thank you for your sweet comment.
I am finding the job becoming easier. I have to tell myself every day. Self, you love taking Full mouth x-rays lol

Pat said...

It all looks so magical Cori! You are lucky to be able to pop into Disneyland at any time.

I love seeing the NYC department store windows at Christmas and the tree at Rockefeller Center.

I enjoyed the cookies so much! Nice mix and gift. Don't worry about abswering that e-mail --it's not important and I know you're busy.

Hugs, Pat

fairmaiden said...

I LoVe Disneyland!!! Thank you for sharing it all adorned in holiday attire with us. If I lived down South I too would own an annual pass and visit frequently like you do.

That blue tree is so pretty. We actually began decorating in white and pale aqua blue two years ago when we moved to Sea Cottage. Our other cottages we're always rose themed and so I decorated for Christmas in white, creams, golds and rose. I still mostly decorate in WHITE, but now with a touch of pale blue and silver it makes it so soft. I actually grew up with a flocked white tree and ONLY blue ornaments. White and blues work real well with a seaside theme.

Michelle said...

Oh how beautiful! I am originally from Seal Beach, CA so you must know that I MISS Disneyland!! I don't think I've ever been there during the holidays though. What a shame. Thank you for the pictures. :)