Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If I could be anywhere...

If I could be anywhere in the world right now it would be right here. Sitting in one of these little blue cafe chairs sipping hot coco smothered with whipped cream. I might even ask the waiter to include a peppermint stick with some chocolate sprinkles...Ibarra Chocolate...YUM!

Sadly this is not where I am. Instead I'm sitting at my kitchen table that's littered with bills, maps, and motorcycle magazines. Along with these lovely items there's a HUGE STACK OF RECIPES...37 to be exact...that need to be entered into my computer for an ENORMOUS project I willingly volunteered for...stupid me! What was I thinking? Don't ask, but I think I bit off a little bit more than I can chew. Anyway, these recipes need to be completed by the end of December so I can go to print the beginning of January. Everything has to be wrapped up and available for sale by January 10th, 2009.

If you find my posting sparse over the next couple weeks it's because I'm unhappily plugging recipes into their sweet little formats and praying for the day I've completed this project of mine.
Believe me when I say, "I would much rather be with all of you."


Kathy said...

Good luck with your project, Cori! I'm intrigued...Kathy

ellen b. said...

That cafe does look fabulous right about now! Hope the project doesn't zap you of all your creativity! :0) Fun hearing your voice last night Cori!

grey like snuffie said...

I was thinking about you this morning and all your family. I would LOVE to have a computer that I could speak into like a tape recorder. One of my requests of our daughters over Christmas is help going through the MILLIONS of recipes I have started organizing and clean up my mess. That looks like a wonderful place to go sit and perhaps watch the world go by.

Tammy said...

De-lurking here to let you know that I enjoy your blog and I have you in a reader so I won't miss a thing ;D

Looking forward to whenever you share!

Have a great day!☺

Beverly said...

I'll be thinking of you, and I wish I could help. Be brave, and hurry back to us. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the cafe photo ... is it a stock photo or a place you've been? It reminds me of a couple places in the Pearl District in Portland.

Hope your recipe typing project goes quickly. I did one myself recently, with sweet illustrations "and everything," as my grandmother used to say. And now I'm giving it away free to visitors to my websites :o)

Please stop by my blog and pick up a free copy of my new cookbook, "Finish The Feast: Leftover Turkey They'll Love To Eat!" It's filled with yummy recipes and is suitable for printing and giving as a gift.



Pat said...

Good luck Cori! That does sound like a big project and sometimes the hardest part is having to proof read it when it's all typed so errors don't go tp press.

I tagged you in my blog post today --it's not a long or hard tag, but you don't have to do it now or even later if you're too busy.

Hugs, Pat

Jan and Tom's Place said...

I like that perfect little spot, too!! Cocoa or Tea would be OK with me!

As you go about finishing your project of recipes...know that we'll be with you in thoughts and prayers.