Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Have you ever been wandering through an antiques mall and stumbled into what you thought was a dream? Kathy and I did Saturday afternoon while hunting for Christmas ornaments. All we could do was stand there and dream..."what if that chandelier were in my room, or that gorgeous mirror was hung above my fireplace." The possibilities became endless.
That's Kathy's reflection with the dreamy expression on her face.
I of course am the one staring into the camera.

There was a sweet faux mantle in the space with old doors painted with roses.

A lovely white painted dresser with delicate details.

The black iron Urns look sweet against the blue of the dresser.
Wouldn't a little Christmas Tree
look darling in one of those?
Hm...I may need to go back and take a better look.

Don't you just love all the creamy whites
against the old brick wall and chipping plaster?
It feels so serene and peaceful that
we both agreed we could be perfectly happy
living in this dreamy little space.


grey like snuffie said...

Okay, our styles are very different, my husband would die with any of this, BUT you are WOOING me into loving all this gorgeous stuff you keep putting on your site. I'm feeling all dreamy and "take me away". Thanks---dreams are good. I LOVE the brick walls. I'm wishing we had that inside our home.

Kathy said...

It's gorgeous!

ellen b. said...

What a wonderful shop with such beautiful accessories. I've sometimes thought it would be fun to have several rooms in a house with each one done in a different style...

Jan and Tom's Place said...

I love the chandelier!!! I can picture it..............................................................oops, so sorry, I was dreaming of where it would look best! LOL!!

Tara said...


Love it--how could you resist not taking down the blanket and slipping in for a short nap?? Your friend could've picked you up later! Haha!

Beverly said...

What a beautiful store. I agree that I could do some dreaming in such a wonderful place.

Pat said...

Hi Cori
Where are you finding all these fabulous stores? I want to go shopping with you!

I dream about things all the time! My house is big and I live overlooking the sea in my dreams and soemtimes it is in Italy and sometimes Ireland --lol! Dreams are fun!

Hugs, Pat