Friday, November 14, 2008

Pink Saturday...Got Zills?

Saturday mornings my friend Kathy and I attend a Belly dance/workout class in the city of Anaheim. Typical clothing for this class consists of a Choli (PINK velvet top with embossed floral pattern around the neck), Leggings, and bright colorful hip scarves. Mine of course are all in varying shades of pink.
My sweet twin Fiffer Lou was gracious enough to model for me, but this is the only picture where you'll see her darling face (I hope she doesn't read this post or I may be in trouble Monday morning).

A little History on Belly Dance:
The term 'belly dance' is said to come from the French 'danse du ventre' - dance of the stomach - a phrase coined at the turn of the century after the introduction of Raqs Sharqi at the Chicago Exposition in 1893 by a dancer called 'Little Egypt'. Little Egypt danced in less revealing costumes than those worn today, but her performance was too exotic for Victorian morality, and the dancers who followed added much to the negative image of Raqs Sharqi.

Arabic dance is characterized by its intricate hip movements, though it incorporates many techniques, from many different parts of the Middle East; Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Morocco to name a few. Each country has its own style.

Baladi, or folk dance, was developed in rural Egypt where the dancers wear full length robes often with their hair covered as well. The stick dance is based on the Tahtib, a form of self defence practised in Upper Egypt where the young men would prove their manhood using a Shouma, a long, heavy staff.

Classical oriental dance is believed to have emerged as an art form in the courts of the Ottoman Empire. The movements are refined, and characterised by soft, flowing actions of the arms. The music is composed with the dance in mind, and often includes a drum solo.

Egyptian Cabaret is most associated with 'belly dance' and is a very controlled style often including ballet. Muscular control is emphasised, with the movements small and internalized. 'Less is more' seems to be the working philosophy. It is still technically illegal in Egypt for the abdomen to be exposed in public. Therefore, most professional dancers cover their stomachs by wearing body stockings or a 'cholis', a fitted midriff length vest which fastens underneath the bra. Leotards, bodies or teddies can be worn as a substitute.
The above information was taken from this website:
Here in the US a new form of Belly Dance has been developed called American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion which incorporates snake like movements.

In the above foto Fiffer Lou is modeling my favorite hip scarf. It has four rows of looped beads that are pink on one side and red on the opposite. The scarf weighs about 2-3 lbs. I love the way it shimmers and moves. 6 ft. silk veils are often used in belly dancing to create an ethereal or otherworldly effect while the dancer gracefully spins and twirls within the veil.

Another scarf with triangular rows of coins.

Ah, my gold coin belt...this one is a lot of fun to wear with the hot pink fringed scarf.

In the past few years Belly Dancing has taken on a more Vaudevillian look complete with twenties style hair and make-up. It's a lot of fun as long as they keep it cute and clean.
One of my favorite Tribal troupes has done a routine to one of Herb Albert's songs which is quite's a link: The Indigo at Tribal Fest. Hope you enjoy the show.

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Kathy said...

Wow, Cori, belly dancing! You are industrious! The scarves are beautiful and your post was interesting!

grey like snuffie said...

How fun. All those scarves and veils are beautiful.

ellen b. said...

How fun Cori! Now why wouldn't that beautiful girl want her face shown?? All the accessories are so colorful and lovely. I'm going to check out the video now..
Have a fun day and try to keep cool!! We are headed to Whittier for my great nephew's 4th bday....

bj said...

i love this post on belly dancing and I love your solid color background even more. I changed mine back, too.
I had red and white last Christmas and will do it or green after Thanksgiving.
Thanks for bringing my little error on where PINK'S HOT DOG STAND is located. I KNEW it was in LA...don't have a clue where SF came from!!!
love, bj

Pat said...

Hi Cori!

Home sick today when I should have been at my volunteer job :-(

This looks like such a fun way to get exercise. I could use the abdominal work to tighten up, that's for sure. I love your pink outfits!

We saw a wonderful belly dance performance at a restaurant called "Marrakech" in Washington DC once -- it was mesmerizing.

The Indigo performance you linked to was fun!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hugs, Pat

fairiemoon said...

What lovely scrumptious belly dancing accessories. I had friends in CA that use to take belly dancing classes. Happy Pink SAturday!

She'sSewPretty said...

What a fun post! I've always wanted to learn to belly dance. I've heard that it is great exercise! Have a wonderful pink Saturday!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Cori.

You go, girl. Good for you, and what fantastic exercise. I know you must have so much fun.

Grandma Faith said...

I enjoyed your post about belly dancing. I wish I knew how to do it! The pretty clothes you get to wear are so cool...

Joy said...

Belly dancing is such a beautiful art form.

Katie said...

What a wonderful post this was. Thank you for sharing!

Nihal said...

Smiling Hello Cori:)
Oh how fun! Ottoman Empire was the greatest one branched out Arabic peninsula, so this dance was easily accepted and imported from Middle East as a result of cultural interaction. Yeap, belly dancing is still popular here in Turkey and there are lots of people who's interested in practicing it as well as Europeans, and they come to learn.
Except me:)
Hope you are having a happy Pink Weekend. Miles of Smiles:)

Virginia said...

How fun! Belly dancing...all the accessories are beautiful.
Have a Happy & Bless week,

CC said...

I loved your post. All your accessories are just lovely.. Have a great pink week..