Friday, September 12, 2008

An Award, a Tag, and an Apology

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been missing from bloglandia due to my real time life. We've been scrambling about like chipmunks getting ready for winter. Not that we're trying to stock pile our house with nuts or anything like that, we're just going about our daily routine with a bit of fun and adventure tossed in here and there.
Monday flew right past then Tuesday sweet hubby and I dropped a chair off at my sweet friend Fiffer's house who happens to live two townhouses from my brother-in-law and his family. On our way out of Fiffer's we saw them pulling up so climbed in the back seat of their car and off we went to have some Pink Berry. Now that I think about it all that happened on Monday not Tuesday.
Wednesday was a delightful treat as I drove to San Diego to meet up with fellow Bloggers Pat from Mille Fiore Favoriti and Joanne from My Cottage in the Making. Both Joanne and I are from Orange County and when we found out that Pat was coming all the way from Brooklyn N.Y. We both said, "I want to meet you in San Diego." So we did, but that's a tale for another day. Hopefully Sunday evening after all the china is washed and put away from my Tea Party that afternoon. As you can see I've been busy and it's not about to slow down.

So, I would like to apologize to Tara of Days Missed on a Hammock. Last Sunday or this Monday Tara gave me this darling "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award and I've been so crazy busy that I've had no time to post it. Please forgive me Tara and I love your blog too! Am I allowed to reissue an award to someone that has given it to me? Because if I can I'd like to give it back to you because I DO LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO! OK, I hope I'm forgiven and Pat gave me your hug and I missed seeing you in San Diego.

Next apology: My sweet friend Becky over at Lace and Lures (she also has three other blogs. One that's a diary of hers and the Captains restoration of a beautiful Victorian Cottage. A must read) has tagged me for 7 facts about myself: some random some weird. This should be easy for me. I'll post the rules below.

1. I've moved 20 times in my life, but I've been at Brambleberry Cottage the longest...14 years.
2. No matter what time of year I always sleep with one foot hanging off the bed. During the winter I sleep with one sock on, but it's not on the foot that's hanging off the bed. My husband thinks this is very weird, but then he thinks I'm weird too!
3. I love to buy old antiques and reupholster them.
4. I also have a thing for Crazy Quilts. I took a class once and made a 24x24 inch wall hanging and hated the end result so I cut it into 4 sections and made the little pillows that you see on the chair below. The chair is also one of my upholstery projects.
5. I've had an annual pass to Disneyland for the past 14 years and try to visit the magic kingdom at least every other week except during the summer months. Then I avoid the place like the plague.
6. I used to have indoor Bunnies. They're the sweetest companions with the most darling little personalities, but short lives. My husband couldn't deal with the tears that came and said no more bunnies for you so now we have dogs.
7. While all of Orange County worships Starbucks Coffee I refuse to bow down and pay homage to the split tailed mermaid.

OK, now for the rules:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2: Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

Lets see, I'll tag the following:

Ellen B. of The Happy Wonderer
Moorea of Home Schooling Sentiments
Alaura of Cottage Rose
Kathy at Mimi's Garden
Jan at Jan and Tom's Place

OK ladies, let's see what you come up with...have fun!


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Sure...I'll play.

But, it will have to be later today!!


ps...yes, I won the cloche in Pay It Forward

ellen b. said...

sounds like you've been busy. What's Pink Berry? How great that you met up with bloggers in San Diego. looking forward to hearing more..
I'll let you know if I play :0)
love the upholstered chair...glad you switched to longer living dogs.

Tara said...

HI Cori

Oh, I loved reading all your little deatils,,,especially your foor hanging of the bed! I MUST sleep with socks on! But tonight I'll be thinknig of your foor hanging off the bed in CA! Hee-hee!

I am so glad you were able to meet up with Pat in SD...can't wait to read that post!

And you deserve this award, thanks for boomeranging it back--haha! Such a joy to have you for a blogging friend!

Have fun setting up your winter nest!


Becky said...

Hi Cori G.
Wow you are a busy girl but at least you were doing fun things.
I laughed about your foot hanging off the bed. I wonder what caused you to start sleeping that way.
You gave some really interesting facts about yourself and I am blessed to know you better.

Jeanne said...

Cori, I came over from Jan's blog to say hello. You have been busy but having fun at the same time. That's a good thing.

It's late so have a nice day tomorrow.


grey like snuffie said...

Sounds like a good reason to be away from the WWW for a while. There is part of me that would love to learn how to recover furniture. Your Starbucks comment brought a smile to my face. It sounded just like my brother's thoughts on Starbuck's.

Diane W.Kaufman said...

I just found your blog! I love it! I live in cottage on Tybee Island, GA and have a vacation rental company of quirky fun little cottages here. I blog daily about my cottage life and look forward to following your blog now that i've found it! Thank you for sharing some much wonderful "stuff"!

Diane W.Kaufman said...

PS- my blog is if you'd like to see my cottage world here on the east coast!