Sunday, September 28, 2008

Psalm 139 verse 23

Search me oh God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!

Psalm 139:23

Would you dare pray a prayer like this? Here David is turning over the rights to his inner life to God. In effect, he is simply giving God a search warrant into his very soul! I realize that God knows my thoughts whether I want Him to or not--but that realization is far short of David's honest and transparent prayer, opening himself completely to God. It reminds me of Job's claim to integrity in Job 31:6. He, too, opened himself to God, and because of that openness God blessed him abundantly--more so in his later life than in his earlier, seemingly more prosperous days. Jesus, too, encountered those who opened themselves to Him: men like Nathaniel, women like Mary Magdalene. These, too, gave God a search warrant into the privacy of their inner hearts--and cleansing was the result.

For further thought:
1. Have I ever asked God to "search me"?
2. If I did, what would he find?

Taken from the Book: Today, Lord, I Will


ellen b. said...

Good Sunday morning to you Cori! I've been busy up here enjoying the N/W and my family. Hope your day is filled with peace and joy. Thanks for sharing this devotion, one that wouldn't hurt to look at each day :0) Love your little Sunday badge too....

Becky said...

Hello my friend,
Wow, that was an awesome post. Sometimes I feel like I could just rattle on and on and it would scare the bezeezes out of you. This whole house deal is really doing exactly what your post is about today. The Lord is showing me some pretty ugly stuff and we all know from blogland that we don't like to see ugly. So my friend would you say a prayer for me today that I wouldn't run from the ugly but let Him change me and that I wouldn't go around this mountain again.
Did you see the movie Fireproof?
It was so good. I highly recommend it. My hubby has been asked to preach a Sunday in Eufaula, on this series of Fireproofing your Marriage. Yeah
Blessings to you .

Beverly said...

This is certainly something we should all be ready to do, but are we there? Good question!