Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mrs. Burton's Tea Room at Heritage Park

The McConaughy House located in Heritage Park San Diego is home to one of the most charming Tea Rooms...Mrs. Burton's. From floor to ceiling it's decorated with tea themed gifts, beautiful vintage clothing, hats, and every frilly thing imaginable.
This was one of the stops that Pat, Joanne, and I made on our whirlwind tour of San Diego.

Tables were set for tea amidst all the linen finery.

Vintage hats were hung from every visible surface. The raspberry one
on the right was one of my favorites. It would look so sweet with a lacy dress and gloves.

This was an interesting display. Within the farthingale cage were two shelves stacked with tea cups. Now why didn't I get a picture of that? I think I was so intrigued by the bodice that I forgot about what was below.

More hats.
The shop keeper was very patient with us as we went from room to room snapping pictures of everything in sight and believe me, there was no shortage of items begging to be photographed. Had we not just eaten lunch we may have had to stop for tea, but alas, we were full from our delicious Mexican food.
If you ever get an opportunity to visit San Diego this would be a perfect place to have tea.
For further investigation here's the web site:


bj said...

I just adore tea rooms and this one is just beautiful. We only have one tea room in this large town and it's not nearly as pretty as this.
Thanks for sharing..

ellen b. said...

It's looks lovely and I really like the name :0)
Hope your week is going well.

Pat said...

Hi Cori!
It was such an enchanting place, right out of a fairy tale. I do wish we could have had tea there...maybe next time if I am ever lucky enough to re-visit San Deigo. Your photos are lovely. Joanne did capture the shelves under the dress and posted it in her blog post about our day togehter, so maybe she can send you her photo?
I'm going to look at their web site now ...thanks for the link!

Hugs, Pat

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Oh how beautiful!! I love tea rooms, too!