Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Magical little Cottages

It was such a beautiful cool night last evening that sweet hubby and I decided to toodle through one of my favorite neighborhoods in the Orange County area. It was developed in the twenties with winding streets lined with darling custom cottages and beautiful gardens. While on our ride I decided to take a few pictures for you to enjoy. This first house is stunning with its coat of Robins Egg Blue paint. From the picture you can't tell, but it looks to be about 5,000 sq. ft.

I love the Narnia Lamp post set amidst the roses and the clinker block wall.

The darling rock chimney with its Terra Cotta chimney pots. You half expect to see Snow White coming out the door with a Blue Bird on her singing on her shoulder.

This little cottage is one of my favorites. I love the coining around the windows and doors as well as the all white garden. Hubby and I had a huge debate as to whether the stones are real or Trump L'oile. Years ago I stopped by when the cttage was being renovated and asked the home owner about it. I seem to remember her saying it was a paint technique. I'm not one hundred percent, but I'm pretty sure.

My dream roof! This is the standard by which I measure all roofs. Well, maybe not the standard because there's another roof in Long Beach by the same roofer only far more elaborate. But this one would do nicely and help to enhance our little Brambleberry Cottage.

A detail of the peak over the door. Isn't this just the most intricate detail?

Another lovely little cottage with vines growing beneath the eaves. Every year this little neighborhood has a garden and home tour combined with an Antiques Flea Market and every year I happen to be out of town. Maybe this is the year that I'll finally be able to make it...would anyone like to join me?


Becky said...

What beautiful cottages. What fun the tour and the Flea Market must be. Girl if I was there I would join you in a heartbeat!
That sounds like a perfect way to spend a day.

bj said...

ooo oooooo oooo, I WANT TO GO WITH YOU, PLEASE. If I had all the money in the world and could pick and choose my COTTAGE, it would be one like these. So homey, warm, full of character and fun...i just LOVE this kind of house.
Thanks so much for taking these great photos and sharing them with us.
Now....I want to go get my sledge hammer and beat my roof up so I can get CHARACTER-BUILDING shingles!!! :O)
love, bj

ellen b. said...

Yes, yes, yes, I'd love to join you. I hope I'm in So.Cal. when this happens. I am in complete awe that there is a neighborhood in Orange county like this one!

Willow said...

In Orange County?? What have I been missing??

I'd love to do a Christmas tour. Could we take photos?

grey like snuffie said...

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. I'm having trouble getting around to all the blogging worlds that I've started peeking into but I'm so glad I hit on yours today to catch these pictures. While these are not the style that my husband and I would live in I think they are so quaint and I enjoy the view. That one roof is crazy---can't imagine how difficult that would be to create--what a gift.

Carrie said...

I really enjoyed seeing these cottages. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy J said...

I love the Floral Park home tour and would be glad to go with you next time!

Pat said...

Oh Cori these homes are wonderful! The one with the unusual roof reminds me of the Hobbit House I have on my blog under Bay Ridge. I'd love to see the inside of these beautiful homes! Go on the Christmas tour and take photos!

Did you ever see the cute little cottages in Carmel? Cottage Living magazine ddi a feature on them a few months ago. Do you get Cottage Living Magazine? I have a double of that issue and could bring it with me if you haven't seen it.

Hugs, Pat

Joanne Kennedy said...


Where in the world did you find this great neighborhood in OC? I've been living in OC since 1972 and I've never seen anything like this.

I would love to go to the home tour and flea market with you. Let's plan it!

See you on Wed. I will be stopping at my brothers on the way home so I'll have to meet you at the hotel in SD. Can't wait.