Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ooh La La! Look at zee Frog!

Look at this darling Frog! He Looks as if he has a little french accent, oi oi? I went over to BJ's blog "Sweet Nothings" the other day and there he was...he's dashing, he's daring, and he's debonair. The next thing I noticed she was passing him on to me and my job is to pass him on to 5 other bloggers who I believe to be SUPER COMMENTER'S! This is a tough assignment I've been given because I feel that everyone who takes the time to post a comment
on my blog has the greatest comments.
First I'd like to thank BJ as I love ALL her comments. She posts the funniest remarks and secretly I hope her husband has hidden all the sledge hammers in the house. I have a feeling walls and roofs may not be safe. I'm smiling as I write.
There are other rules to this award, but I can't think of them right now so I'll say I think I'm just supposed to link to my awarded people.
I bequeath this award to the following:
1. My sweet friend Pat who I had the pleasure of meeting in San Diego last week.
2. My funny friend Tara who I wish could have joined us.
3. My little twin Fiffer Lou who I've forced to start blogging.
4. My encouraging friend Becky who is living my dream while restoring her Victorian Cottage.
5. and my brain is getting tired and I have another award!

This one is so darling with it's Autumn colors and Jack-o-lantern. It was given to me by Jan who is just the sweetest lady. I know that everyone is just wishing that it were on their blog so if you would like to copy it feel free, but please let me know so I can stop by and say How cute it looks.
Oh, BJ, when you stop over just grab it. I know you're looking for more cute fall embellishments.
So thank you, darling ladies. You are both so sweet to have thought about me and I love both awards.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

I can hear the French accent now!!! LOL!! He's so cute.


Pat said...

Hi Cori!

You won't believe how weird blogger is -- it finally published my zoo/balboa park/padres post but UNDER the "trouble" one and I noticed on everyone's blog feed that it says it posted TWO DAYS AGO! So crazy! Diane and Vee and few other bloggers told me they are having the same problem, so we hope it's a bug that will get fixed soon!

THANK YOU so much for the very sweet award! I love the autumn one too, and I hope I can get both on my blog without trouble.

Hopefully I can get the blog about our meeting up soon! We had so much fun!

Hugs, Pat

Nancy J said...

Je pense le petit froggie vert est tres jolie!! Votre amie, Nancy

Fiffer Lou said...

Cori!! You're so sweet and funny. I love you so much! And though I give you a hard time about "forcing" me to start a blog I really do love it and am not sure I can stop once I start! Lol See I'm constantly on it already and checking other peeps blogs. Thanks for my very first award even though I just started. Haha! Love you, see you Monday!

bj said...

I just absolutely adore you, my friend. You are so cute and funny and I would love to meet you sometime. Until then, I am thrilled to have you for a blogging friend....and thanks a bunch for this cutest Autumn award..I love it.

Pat said...

Back again Cori to tell you I fiannly got blogger to cooperate and I blogged about our special day together! I thank you again for giving me such special memories. I really do hope we meet again on one of each other's shores.

Have a winderful weekend!

Hugs, Pat

Cottage Rose said...

Congratulations on you two awards, they are soooooo cute. have a great weekend.


Beverly said...

Hi Cori. I just wanted to stop by to say hello, and to tell you that I have been missing you on Pink Saturday.