Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do you ever buy something and then wonder "why?" This is one of those sweet little treasures that I've always wanted to own...a pair of vintage bloomers. When I saw them sadly draped over an old towel rack I knew they had found a new home, but now that I have them what do I do with them?
The fragile delicate lace is in perfect condition and they're even my size. Maybe I should wear them with those cute shoes two posts down or my granny boots with striped stockings. Or maybe for now they'll hang on a pretty little hanger from a small wooden shelf in the guest room.
If they belonged to you what would you do with them?


Robin Chistensen said...

Why not frame them? Cute.

Joanne Kennedy said...

I would wear them under one of my Victorian costumes.

I still think you should join the Victorian Tea Society with me.

Hey, there is going to be a Dickens Faire coming up in Feb being held in Riverside. We are going to all dress up and go. If you have any desire I would love for you to go with us.


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Well I love the lace around them. I wear alot of slips under my dresses or skirts and let the lace peek out from underneath. I have always love that look.. You know you can always make it into a slip if you like.

Now that you have them-now what? lol I've done that as well..

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

They are pretty Cori! I think you should go with Joanne to the Dickens Faire -- that sounds like fun, and you could dress up wearing them!

Hugs, Pat

Kathy said...

Those are too sweet, Cori. I would hang them as you mentioned in your guest room.

fairmaiden said...

I would wear them. Probably under a skirt or with a long baby doll style sweater and my birkenstocks. Then off I'd go to do the dishes or dabble in the garden or ride my beach cruiser. They are too cute not to wear!

Moorea said...

Oh you have to wear them! I have a slip like that, it was my grandmas, and it is made of modern slip polyester, but is the bloomer style and has lace, I love it and wear it under all my skirts.

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

These are one of the most gorgeous pairs I have seen, congrats!

If they are good and strong, I would wear them. I wear mine under my vintage and costume garb, if they are right for the period.

Otherwise, I plan to display them in my laundry room, which isn't finished yet.