Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Soft glow of Candle Light

Our little cottage is packed from end to end with so many treasures and magazines... twenty years of magazines. There are stacks of Old House Journal, This Old House, Renovation Style, and so many many more.

So I've decided this is the year to weed through the stacks hidden in the nooks of the closet and toss them out. It's sad really as I've found a lot of comfort being curled up on the couch with the candles lit flipping through the old worn pages as if I were visiting a sweet friend.

I'm perusing through my old Mary Engelbreit issues searching for particular articles and all the while discovering long forgotten inspiration as well as new.
But as they say, "all things must come to an end" so in the recycle bin they go...unless of course any of you would like them.


ellen b. said...

Good for you in going through and getting rid of. Hey maybe then you'll have more room for dishes?! Ok I know that's probably not the encouragement you were looking for...
You know Goodwill and other thrift stores sell old magazines. You could donate them :0)

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello My Dear Cori G.!

What pretty candles! I know what you mean about the magazines and the old special things in them! I have heard not to toss out the whole magazine but cut out what you do like and make a scrapbook for inspiration! That also would take forever but I loved the idea! Thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful day!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...


Who needs a new magazine with inspiration like your blog! I am buying less magazines because of blogs like yours! Honestly! Mj xo

fairmaiden said...

I got rid of all my magazine stacks 10yrs. ago when we moved to the midwest, all but my Victoria Magazine stack, and have never had any more stacks since. So glad I kept those Victoria's. Now I have about a years worth of Romantic Homes too. It is hard to part with them, but it keeps for a cleaner cottage!

Pat said...

I have so many magazines gathering dust too, Cori! I am obsessed with saving recipes and have folders and folders of magazine recipes --most of which I'll never look at again --lol!

Perhaps you should put thsoe magazines up on E-Bay? Many people collect them.

Hugs, Pat

Fiffer Lou said...

I would love them!! Though I'm not sure where to put them...maybe Nancy can find me another wine box to put them in. LOL. Love you! Hope you're having a great weekend! See you Monday!