Sunday, January 18, 2009

When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus.

Matthew 17:8 (NIV)

There is a tremendous spiritual lesson wrapped up in these ten words. Notice the direction Jesus' disciples looked...up! Notice the object of their attention...Jesus! Notice the centrality of their concentration...they saw Jesus only! The lesson we need to learn is to keep our eyes on Jesus. If we look to men around us for inspiration or fellowship, sooner or later we are bound to be discouraged and disillusioned, for men are fallible, human creatures at best. It is inevitable that they will stumble or fall, and our ideal of them will be shattered. But Jesus is perfect and imperishable. We will never be disappointed in Him.
O Lord, let me see "no one except Jesus"!

Taken from the book, "Today, Lord, I Will"

My thoughts:
Each week I go through this devotional and then choose my favorite to post on Sunday Mornings, but this week it sat on the shelf unopened. Instead I've been wandering aimlessly through the scriptures reading here and there with no direction at all. When I opened my devotional this morning and it fell to this page I read it. And I realized that this is me. My gaze has wandered from where it should be to where it should not.
I was reminded of when Edmond had betrayed his brother, sisters, and all of Narnia for a nibble of Turkish Delight. Being accused by his siblings the argument began...until Aslan appeared. His presence was so commanding that all eyes fell to him and all accusations dissipated like the morning mist.
So this morning I have chosen to set my gaze on the Author and finisher of my faith...Jesus the Messiah and not on fallible human creatures such as myself.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Cori

I loved the Chronicles of Narnia. Nice comparison to scripture.

My daughter is feeling a lot better -- thanks for asking! She was worried about missing so much work as four people in her department have been laid off recently . Times are tough in business right now :-(

Hope you are having a peaceful Sunday and enjoying your nice weather --it's cold here!

Hugs, Pat

Stacey said...

What a great post! I love, love, love Narnia and everything associated with it. C.S. Lewis was brilliant. And he certainly knew about looking up, didn't he? Isn't it amazing how the minute we take our eyes from Jesus and look elsewhere, everything starts to wobble, and oftentimes fall apart? I really gained so much from your post. Thank you!