Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been thinking about my life lately and I've decided I need a change. A change in job, a change in surrounding, and a change in attitude.

I was reading my friend Fairmaiden's post this morning and it started by asking the question, "Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion?" As I read those words I thought, "that's me!" But not only am I tired, I'm exhausted as well! Where is the peace and the joy that I once had? It fluttered away like a blue bird in spring.

So I've decided to go back to school and spend two more years in Jr. College and work towards a certificate in Graphic Design. The question is, "how do you tell a boss that you've worked with for seven years that you are going to abandon her?" Yes, abandon! Every time someone leaves she somehow feels as if she's being betrayed. Strange I know.

I'm still praying as to whether this is the path that the Lord is leading me on or if it's nothing more then my flesh. One thing I do know is that the ministry I've been entrusted with can be done at any time and any where.

A man's heart plans his way,
but the LORD directs his steps.

Proverbs 16: 9


Moorea said...

How exciting! You definitely have the talent in graphic design. I will be praying the Lord will make it perfectly clear- He may have already, do not confuse feeling sorry for your boss' fears for it not being the Lord's will.

I had a situation where I was asked to be in a leadership position in a ministry, but when I prayed about it the Lord said "No." so very clearly, but I knew the need, and when I prayed about it again, the Lord said "I said no.
She has to trust me." I was second guessing what the Lord told me all because I saw the need and could not see how it would be met. Your boss is the Lord's and she needs to give up her feelings of betrayal to the Lord and stop striving to fill up the ministry with workers. HE is more than able to do it!

Take care sweet friend! Ooh, this is so exciting, can't wait to see what the Lord does.

Love, Mo :0)

ellen b. said...

Well anyone can see how talented you are in graphic design. Now this is just an opinion but here's what I think. You have the Holy Spirit in you. You have a desire on your heart. The Lord's will is connected to what He's all about and how you and your life might fit in with His desires. If your desires are not evil and you are in fellowship with Him I think you can be confident about these choices in your life. I hope that makes sense. God's will for us isn't a mystery.

Robin Chistensen said...

Me too - same thing except ceramics and another test.



Cori G. said...

Hi Mo
Thanks for the encouraging words! I'm still praying as I've asked the Lord SEVERAL TIMES to release me, but He always says no. Hopefully this time it'll be a "yes."

Ellen B., Thanks for the complement (s)! I think all your encouraging words about my playing with graphics has made me think, "hey, maybe I can do this for a living." THANK YOU!

And Robinski,
Pottery? Why not History? Now that would be fun!!! Your students could create historical art projects...wouldn't that make it more interesting?!

Joanne Kennedy said...

You will know when you should leave or not. You will no longer have any doubt as the Lord will show you clearly what you should be doing.

Perhaps God has you in the job He wants you at now. Maybe you can serve Him better where you are at then at the new job.

It's not always about us loving our job. It's about doing what is best to serve Him.

You will know. You will hear Him clearly if you just sit quietly and listen.

Which ever job it is I hope you find peace and comfort knowing you are doing the Lords work.


Tara said...

So glad for you! What a great career path this can be--my son is going to college in NYC for this right now.

Look, your boss will find someone else...she will have to...you have a life to live, too! Go for it, I am 100% behind you!

fairmaiden said...


This scripture made me cry when I read it yesterday morning and thats why I shared it on my blog. I thought it might speak to others as well. It lead me to lay down my worries and return to living more freely and lightly in Him. I've had a stirring within to return to my gifts in Art as well. I considered myself at artist from the age of 5. I began taking art classes in 7th grade and went to College as an Art major. But I ended up getting my B.A. in Foods and Nutrition. I continued taking Art classes. Over the past 10 yrs. I haven't made alot of time for art. So when I read your post that you are wanting to go back to Jr. College to pursue Graphic Design, my heart leapt! I hope you do it! I think one of the things that hinders us artists is fear. It's always easier to do whats practical. My blessings are for you.

fairmaiden said...

One more thing...we went to see 'Benjamin Button' tonight...very good. Made me think about LIFE...to just live each day, and that it's never to late to do things. To keep living every day no matter how old you are. My 18 yr. old son said it makes him slow down...that he doesn't have to be in such a hurry to do everything before he gets 'too old'. I think the movie would encourage you to go after this desire to be a graphic designer. It's not too late, your not too old. I hope this helps.

Pat said...

Hi Cori!

I'm sorry I ahven't been here for a few dasy -- I have not been able to visit many blogs this week -- my Mom has been occupying much of my free time but she's starting to feel better and then my daughter got sick today and I had to bring her to the doctor. Good thing I had a blog post scehduled or I'd be really behind.

As I tld you already I think this is a fantastic decision! You'll gain skills you will be able to use in many ways. We all need a change from time to time and to keep learning all our lives. Good luck!

Hugs, Pat

PS You changed your blog name!?