Friday, January 30, 2009

Who spilled the Coffee!

Photo courtesy: Markolson's photostream.
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How cute is that little squirrel chipmunk type creature and how lucky to have a cup of Tim Horton's! Have you ever had a cup of Tim Horton's? It's the Canadian equivalent to Starbucks only it's GOOD and they have soups, salads, yummy delicious pastries, and excellent coffee. Hubby and I discovered them while vacationing in Montreal and Quebec several years ago and every so often I just wish I could enjoy a cup.

So one day I went on line to find the closest location to our lovely little hamlet...would you believe Kentucky...or Vancouver? There aren't a lot of Timmy's in the states which I think is quite sad for coffee drinkers everywhere. As a nation we really do need to wake up and smell the coffee. Then and only then will we realize that it's not that good. It smells burnt, it tastes burnt, and it leaves the nastiest after taste in your mouth (sorry to all you Starbucks lovers...hope I haven't offended).

I'm rabbit trailing here, but I have to tell you this story. I have a friend who LOVES Starbucks. We were discussing her love of it one day and she told me that she has a tall cup every morning. She orders the cup half empty or half full then she adds water, cream, and three packets of sugar. So I said, "you really DON'T like Starbucks, do you?" She had to think about that one...rabbit trail over, back to Timmy's.

I keep trying to talk hubby into jumping in the car and driving off to Kentucky for a delicious hot cup of Tim Horton's Coffee. Be something out of the norm...add a bit of whimsy to our life...go off on an unplanned adventure. Sounds fun doesn't it? So far I haven't convinced him, but one day it'll happen. Maybe I should just kidnap him and tell him we're going for a drive then just keep on driving.


grey like snuffie said...

The only way to love Starbuck's is to get coffee with lots of stuff added. We have a small coffee shop where the owner roasts his own beans...they ARE AMAZING. I can drink it straight...oh it's so good.

ellen b. said...

Well the next time I'm in Vancouver I'll have to give it a try...
Your friend doctoring down the Starbucks coffee is cracking me up!

Tara said...


certainly seems like a worthwhile trip to me! Why not? People have traveled for less than a cup of Joe!! I have never had Timmy's but Starbucks is too strong for me! I love good cofee...hey, if I start out in NY and you start out by you, we'll meet in the middle-Kentucky!

Rose Haven said...

I don't drink coffee! It doesn't taste the way it smells to me.

So, I don't get all the hullabaloo about coffee!! LOL!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My husband brought back a can of Tim Horton's coffee after he tasted it on a business trip to Toronto! I loved it too! I wonder if they sell it through the internet?
Hugs, Pat

Linda said...

If you ever make it to Vancouver, let me know as I am close.. by the way..Timmy's had the most delicious donuts in December..they were chocolate cake donuts with a glaze and then a frosting with crushed candy cane in it on top...not sure I am explaining it well but I am sure they had a million calories and were worth every single one!