Sunday, January 4, 2009

Project Sweet Project!

New Years morning my hubby woke from a night of sweet dreams and decided that this is the year to get those unfinished projects done...Yea! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this.
Have you ever read the book, "The Five Love Languages?" If you haven't it's a wonderful book and well worth reading. Hubby and I read it a few years ago and it gave us some great insight into how we both think and function. One of the things I discovered is that my primary love language is acts of service. How I love working on projects with my hubby or girlfriends and if the end result is both pretty and functional then I'm just that much more happy, but when the project goes uncompleted I become a wee bit depressed.

Our bedroom was one of those projects that we started a year ago last July and finished everything except the molding around the top of the bead board. Hubby cut the molding and mitered the ends, but then the heat wave set in...that was the end of the project...until New Years day when he popped out of bed and started working like a busy little beaver. He finished the entire project in one afternoon...such a good hubby!

We chose a color palette with shades of taupe, white, brown, and a little pink thrown in as accents....

and a smidglet of red...
every room should have a smidglet of red even if it's the tiniest amount.

Ribbons with charms hang from a small towel bar with a French perfume label.
We have one last project before the room is completed and that's to adorn the closet doors with Victorian moldings and small windows covered in lace. I can't wait!

Oh! You're probably wondering, "what is a smidglet?" Well it's a word I made up (at least I think I made it up) that describes the wee smallest amount of anything, but you can use it however you choose. I rather like the silly little word.


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Cori; Your bedroom is so beautiful looking and very soothing. The colors you choose are so pretty. The detail is just amazing. Your lamp with the long hanging chandelier's , I have one like that how kool it is to see someone else have the same taste as you. lol. I would love to see more of your room not enough photos.

Have a great week.

ellen b. said...

Well I like that word too! I think your room is oh so dreamy! I like it!! I'm back in So. Cal....

Kathy said...

A beautiful room, Cori. How nice that Hubby awoke with such a wonderul idea - lucky you!

Down the Rabbit Hole said...


Oh, your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for reminding me about the book "The Five Love Languages". That is a good one! I love your silly word!


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Very lovely room, and nice colors. Good job with everything!

fairmaiden said...

Yes, we've read that book years ago too. It's good isn't it? We have the 'teen' version too, which has been very helpful. Your blog is so pretty...the new header is so soft and gives a gentle loveliness feeling. Does that make sense?

I too, wish we could go for walks with our puppies together. Especially on the beach.

Moorea said...

Oh, these pictures are so beautiful,
you got the Christmas decoration put away lickety split! Not only are you good at graphic design, you have the touch when it comes to decorating. These rooms are just beautiful.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Beautiful bedroom and sweetheart of a husband! Must get the book! (it's not a magazine, heehee!)
Mj xo