Sunday, March 15, 2009

I press on toward the goal to win the prize
for which God has called me
heavenward in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:14

It wasn't only the old stalwarts of the faith like Paul who had deep spiritual insight. A young man of only 22 - Jim Elliot - once wrote, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." Only a few short years later Elliot died a martyr's death at the hands of the Auca Indians on a sandy river bank in Ecuador. At an early age this young man had learned the same lesson as the apostle Paul -- our goal in life needs to have eternity's values in view. We need to have the heavenly vision if we are to keep our earthly life in proper perspective. Lord, let me seek the proper prize, the one that will last throughout eternity.

Taken from the book, "Today, Lord, I Will"

My Thoughts:

Friday night hubby and I attended a worship service at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa entitled, "An Evening with Jesus." The guest musician that evening was Terry Clark who is one of my old time favorites. It was such a wonderful evening!

Terry began with some songs I had never heard sung and then he went into his wonderful repertoire of beloved worship songs and as we sang my busy mind began to settle into an old familiar place. A place that I have longed for.

He began another song, "I am Yours" and the tears slowly began to roll down my cheeks. The next thing I knew I had been transported back to a different time in my life. I was perched high atop the bluffs at Sunset Cliffs waiting and watching as the sun sank below the horizon casting golden streaks across the surface of the sea. As I watched quietly I listened for His voice. The voice of my Bridegroom. And then it if it were just a whisper floating on the breeze. "Seek Me, as you once sought Me!" And then it was gone. I was back in the sanctuary seated beside my earthly bridegroom, but the tears continues to flow down my cheeks. Not little tears, but torrents of tears. Tears like I have not cried in years. I cried all the way home and hubby thought... well, who knows what hubby thought (smile).

Dear Ladies,
This is my thought:
The Bridegroom is calling His Bride...are we making preparations for the wedding feast?
Are we tuning our ears to hear?
Are we seeking Him as we once sought Him?


ellen b. said...

Good thoughts and questions Cori! I do sense that something is going on in the Spiritual realms that are causing His people to wake up, be still, listen, and speak His name...

bj said...

Sweet Cori...I am so sorry to not have been by in awhile. Blogland is getting so big and this follower thingy keeps me jumping, trying to get around to every one. Then, the special days, Blue Mon., Pink Sat., 2nd Time Around Tues....oh, it is beginning to be too much for me to keep up with. Plus I have been painting and re-doing 3 bedrooms...and..AND...I have 4 granddaughters playing basketball and 1 playing REALLY keeps us busy just trying to get to all of them. Sometimes, Sweetie and I have to split up when they are playing at the same time..
ANYWAY, i thank you so much for coming by to see me. As always, I love your sweet words that you always leave.
Take good care...
xo bj

Anonymous said...

Wow what a wonderful time you had with the Lord our Father!!! How wonderful and I am a bit envious to tell you the truth!!!

Care for you bunches!!!

Just A Gal...

Winging It said...

Yes and Amen! I recently posted on the Groom and the Bride (Lost in This Moment - The Coming Groom and Bride Preparing) because of way that I experienced this certain song - it just impressed me so much that He wants us to be MOVED by His Words to us, like as a Bride to her Groom...

I sincerely believe that this is a calling near, a beckoning if you will....

Bless you! And may you have a rich time in Him!