Monday, March 30, 2009

This is me and I'm ready to go for another exciting Tea and a Fashion show. I thought it best to paint my toes since I'd be wearing my ever fashionable flip flops to the event. It was held outdoors and the day was expected to be hot and it was.

Do you remember Natalie Meyer from last weeks tea? Well, here she is again. She's in charge of all the costume events that are held at Heritage Square...what a fun job!!!!
Her gown was so beautiful and in my favorite shades of taupe's and creams... be still my heart!
Did I remember to take notes of the gowns...NO! I thought for sure all the details would stay neatly tucked in one of the crannies of my brain so I'll have to see how I do.
Natalie's gown was from around the Civil War.

This is Natalie dressing Cookie in her proper under garments for the Victorian Era. I talked with Cookie after the show and she was telling me how wonderfully comfortable her corset is. Have you ever worn a corset and did you think it was comfortable?

See the funny little contraptions at Cookies hips? Those are called Pannier's and were placed under women's skirts during the 1660's. They were used to stash a woman's car keys, her cell phone, credit cards, make up, and whatever else she needed to carry about with her for the days activities. But in reality it would have been more along the lines of hankies, bits of ribbon, and other such things. This was one of the first pockets. Pretty creative way to conceal your accessories don't you think? Me to!

Do you see the lovely little garland of roses across Cookies fanny? I placed it there to hide her flesh. She is after all, putting on the under garments of any proper Victorian Lady and all proper Victorian Ladies wore crotchless drawers. I'll bet you didn't know that now did you? Could you imagine having to make a mad dash to the ladies room and lift up who knows how many layers of petticoats and a chemise and then get under your corset to pull your drawers down? I would imagine there may have been many embarrassing moments so the simple solution...drawers without crotches. And by the way, it was only the ladies of ill-repute who wore stitched up drawers. Go figure!

A front view of Natalie's gown and her darling bonnet.

This is a Bustle gown from the 1880's and would have been worn when a woman was either receiving guests in her home or was visiting at a friends. This particular gown is from a Historic collection owned by one of the models. If you look at her left arm she has a small bag that matches the gown. It's known as a "ridicule" and is the precursor to the hand bag. Women were often teased when they first started carrying them, thus the name.

Now ladies, how is this for a bathing beauty? This guy was so funny and kept doing his muscle man poses for us all in his lovely woolen bathing suit. Now why can't guys wear those now-a-days? I think they're rather cute!

Now this is my kind of bathing suit!!! Up to the neck and down to the toes. Why I'd even wear the shoes in the water and look at that exposed leg...very scandalous!!

This was one of the most beautiful vintage pieces modeled. It's from the Edwardian Era about 1912. The linen fabric was in such excellent shape and the detailing along the hem was exquisite. You can click on the picture to get a better view.

I don't remember a thing about this piece other than it's vintage and has beautiful detail work.

This is what a typical young service man would have worn while enlisted. His calves are wrapped to protect the hem of his pants and I would think to keep him from getting tangled in who knows what.

A young girls Edwardian gown.

I loved this little Regency gown made of butter cream yellow and the sweet little Bonnet to match. Those of you who love Jane Austen will probably recognize this gown as the style that was popular during her day. Napoleon had just discovered Pompeii which caused all things Grecian to become popular during this time in history.

Another beautiful example of an Edwardian Tea gown with all its tucks and pleats. Don't forget to click on the picture for more details.

A close up of the sweet little Bonnet. For some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to move my pictures where I want them so many of them are out of order. I'm so sorry!

And a closer look at the beautiful pleating and lace work on the tea gown.
I took a million more pictures, but didn't want to bore you to death so for now this will be enough. I don't know about you, but after seeing all the gorgeous gowns and fabrics I think I'm ready to enroll in costume college!

If you come back tomorrow I'll share some of the Architecture and tea treats we were able to sample.
Until then have a fun afternoon!


ellen b. said...

Oh what fun! I love that Edwardian tea gown. So pretty with all that detail...
Looks like quite a day Cori G!

Andrea said...

Cori, the gowns are breathtaking! I only wish our clothes today would be so elegant! You must have had such a lovely time! Thank you for sharing with us. I can't wait to see more pictures. Many blessings to you.


Deborah said...

I had a lovely time at tea with you! With beautiful days like that, how can you miss Arizona? You have the climate to grow the plants I TRY to...crotchless undies sound like a great idea at my age when urgency becomes an issue! teehee. **blows silly kisses** Deborah

Becky said...

I sure would love to wear one of those gowns to the pilgrimage.
I need to get out my sewing machine and create one. Thanks for the ideas.
You are so funny with you edit.
Love it

Anonymous said...

Oh My.... I love it... I have visions of Somewhere In Time and th Grand Hotel... Oh I wish they had that type of thing around here...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful time and the fact you to wear flip flops to nice events too...



Becky said...

Ps...I am sending my reader over your way. Loved your post

Moorea said...

These are beautiful. That was alot of work! It is fun to see the real thing. The details! love your painted toenails!

grey like snuffie said...

My mom just the other day reminded me that my grandmother had some back problems like my mom but really didn't struggle with it because of the corset she wore...maybe if it is fitted well it really does give the support that most of us don't have....I keep thinking if I work out correctly I'll have that support...maybe it will come some day. This is so fun to see all these costumes.

fairmaiden said...

Oh what fun! B e a u t i f u l ~ I've only wore a corset once and it was underneath my wedding gown. It was very comfortable.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Beautiful dresses, all! Do you think in one hundred years people will be having a fashion show of clothes that we wear today? LOL!

The bathing suits were funny looking though, and made of wool? How itchy-scratchy!