Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Image from: All Posters

Tis a holy charm,
That binds the broken heart,
That points us from the path of harm
and soothes affliction's smart."

From a 19th Century Friendship Card


ellen b. said...

Oh what a beautiful quote!! Thanks Cori!
We won't be able to fit in Disneyland on this visit. There's a wedding in Oak Glen and reception in Yucaipa this Saturday that is the main reason Katie is coming.
Hope your Wednesday is filled with little joys that you see...

Andrea said...

Very beautiful! The picture is very pretty and nostalgic looking. I love old cards and would love to see the one this quote came from. I hope you have a wonderful day! Many blessings!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow That is Beautiful!!! and you have done that for me... That is what I thought about when I read it...



Deanna said...

That is a lovely post Cori. I love the quote. I'll have to copy it and put it in my little journal.

Deanna :D

Deanna said...


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Deanna :D

fairmaiden said...

I really need this quote right now. I've been having difficulties with a dear friend lately...please say a little prayer for me (& her) for forgiveness and reconciliation. Thank you.