Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tribal Style

Many of you know that I belly dance and for those of you who don't, "I Belly Dance" quite poorly I might add, but what fun! I call it emotional therapy through music and motion while indulging in a little dress up by wear pretty costumes. Plus I get to stomp around and make lots of noise.

The above picture is my instructor "Mara" who is an amazing dancer.

This session our concentration was Tribal Style which is my favorite. I love the costumes, colors, fabrics, and the gorgeous things they do to their hair.
Last night was the last class on Tuesday evenings so they did a little showcase complete with costumes and make-up. What fun it was!

This is Lynn and she's in the Saturday class along with Kathie and me. Aren't her flowers gorgeous? I asked her how she held them in her hair and she told me she used "lizard clips." I'm a bit dense and replied, Huh, what's a lizard clip? Well if you don't know, I'm certainly not going to be the one to tell you. Anyway, isn't her hair gorgeous?

This is the other side of her head with her faux dreadlocks and giant lilies. It really is all about playing dress up and getting as elaborate as possible.

Here they are having fun dancing in circles. Where am I? I'm behind the camera silly. If I weren't you wouldn't be seeing these lovely photos. But if the truth be known I tweaked my back that afternoon while working and didn't want to risk further injury so I sat on the sidelines and enjoyed the show.
That was just a little taste of Tribal...hope you enjoyed it.

Oh, do you dance and what style of dance do you prefer?


Kathy said...

What fun, Cori! I did not know you belly dance! I SHOULD be doing that - I bet it's fabulous exercise. It looks like you have a lot of fun - maybe I'll check into local classes!

Moorea said...

This looks like so much fun. What a great thing to do with the girls.
Sorry I have not been by to visit. My class had me working overtime this week. poor Coco- I hope she is OK now. Too bad cookies don't do that to me, I'd weigh alot less. ;o)

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

You know my mom got into this somewhat, she took some classes too. In fact she had a wonderful belly dancing costume that my sister has now. When I was little, my mom had one made for herself, then I wore it to be in part of a play that I did for the neighborhood. In fact I was in the paper with this costume on.

Showing this post really brought some good memories. Thanks!

ellen b. said...

I love Lynn's do and her clothing! What fun. I'm sorry you tweaked your back,though. I do like to dance and there are certain songs and beats that just get me going. I'm not a slow dancer. I would much rather dance on my own uninhibited :0)

Sara said...

How fun! I love Middle Eastern music. Belly dancing is good for your too...or so I've heard.

Anonymous said...

I have always always ALWAYS wanted to do belly dancing..... and now I REALLY HAVE TO .... how much fun is this!!!!

Love Ya...

Just A Gal...

Oh and our project is almost done... and then it is off to the next.... Yeah... I have so many things to share with you... I just need to slow down and share them don't I... LOL !!!