Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tassel Happy

I've become somewhat obsessed with tassels lately.
Pretty little ribbons of various widths and lengths
colors bright and muted
such glorious little things.

You can dangle them from a cupboard door
or hang them from a chair
really, when you think about it,
you can place them anywhere.

Yes...it's true... I've become tassel happy! And in my quest for passementerie I've unearthed long forgotten treasures from the dark recesses of my closet... including a whole box of vintage trims and lace. It looks like the sewing machine will be coming out and the embellishing will begin!


Andrea said...

Just lovely! You're very talented! I have a few tassels. Most are nothing out of the ordinary, but I have one that is large, with varied shades of pink. It hangs on my china cabinet. Have a nice day, and God bless.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous tassles!!

Kdottie Designs said...

I like tassels too, however I have bought all of mine! I enjoyed your previous post about your hummingbirds. We have a few but not this early. I am so jealous of all your pretty flowers. Spring has not Sprung for us yet! I should have known you live in CA - my daughter lives in Marina del Rey - well until the end of April!

ellen b. said...

Your tassels are fabulous! What fun. I love the birdie! Yes I'm having a good week and it ends on Saturday with my birthday!!

Sara said...

Well, I had to look up "passementerie" to find out what it means...I've embellished my vocabulary. I may have once known the word but forgot it due to lack of use in the ensuing years!

Beautiful tassels you are showing here.

I see you are just down the coast from me. No wonder you have wisteria in bloom.

Robin Chistensen said...

I will take one... or two...



Cori G. said...

Hi Michelle, they're super easy to make and a lot of fun!

Kdottie, you didn't see the weeds. My sweet hubby is out there pulling them now!

Robin, what kind would you like? I do special orders for special sisters :)!

Robin Chistensen said...

Oooooohh! Details to come...