Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring to Brambleberry Gardens!

AaaHhh! The sweet smell of roses is wafting on the breeze. It's been beautiful here the last few days and I've been working in my gardens I love spring!
The roses are such pretty shades of pinks and peaches and one that produces both pink and white flowers. Sounds strange, I know, but it's true!
I used to know each plant by name, but some how over the years I've forgotten. Thankfully they don't seem to mind as long as I keep them watered and well fed. This is going to sound nutty, but I used to make them banana shakes. I had a huge mulch pile (with the most beautiful worms) where all my kitchen scraps went except the banana's. Those I kept in a special place and at the end of each week I blended them all up to put at the base of each rose. They just LoVe the potasium!

The bees are happily buzzing about the wisteria and as long as they stay out of my way I'll stay out of there's.

Here's my little hummer friend who happily flits about my head. Every time I go outback he's there to greet me with his happy little antics. Have you ever seen a hummer stick his tongue out? Well this little guy is doing it right that tongue is long!

Even Elmo is laughing because it's spring...
He's my funny little companion who follows me every where. If I go outside there he is... if I stay indoors there he is...if someone comes over to visit he won't leave my side. He's very silly and sweet and loves to sit at my feet.

Aaaahhh! Colette! Her I remember. Sweet little double rose buds in the prettiest shades of peach and such a heady scent. One little flower can perfume an entire room for days. Hubby's not as fond of her as I am for she has the tiniest little rose hips with the sharpest little thorns. She reminds me of the one that the Little Prince tended on his planet. Always demanding, but ever so delightful!

My gardens are covered in butterflies and the spiky little worms that they emerge from!
When I went out to water the lawn this little one was basking on the brick path that leads to the Faerie Ring. I turned on the sprinkler, went back in the house and when I returned a short while later she was on her back with her sweet little legs flailing in the air. I was so horrified!!! I would hate to think that I was responsible for the death of a butterfly. Thankfully she allowed me to pick her up where she rested on my finger until I placed her on the rose.

This one I remember too! she goes by the name of Brass Band.
Not a particularly lovely name for such a beautiful rose.

We have darling little morning doves that play beneath the roses, but I never get close enough to take a picture of their sweet little faces.

Don't you just love spring? I know I do!

Well, I must be off! My friend Janet and I are attending a High Tea this afternoon with eight courses and a lecture. It's an annual event put on by a couple in their historic Home and it's always a delight. The food is delicious and the lectures lively. In the past we've learned about Victorian Mourning Customs, Victorian Unmentionables (underwear) Petticoats and striped socks :), and Historic Costumes. I don't remember what today's lecture is, but I'll be sure to let you know and of course my camera battery is fully charged!!!

Whatever you do today, I hope it is lovely!
Bye now!


Anonymous said...

I just love your garden... it is a dream!!! I could live there and daydream my days away!!!

Hope you have a wonder High Tea!!! How Wonderful!!

All My Best!!!

Just A Gal... said...

HI Tea? Beautiful pooches, roses, glorious music and peticoats, and wait - I am fainting - your world if perfection!! Happy Saturday! xoxo (yes he was M.L. tee heee)

Joanne Kennedy said...

Your tea sounds lovely. Is it open to other people or is this a small group of friends? I would love to go and learn about those things. Sounds so fun.

Your garden is beautiful!

Cori, how in the world did you ever get that picture of the bird? That is wonderful! You must have one heck of a good camera lady.


Cori G. said...

Hi Joanne,

That little bird truly follows me around my yard. Whenever I'm under the wisteria he flits onto the lowest branch he can find and watches what I do. I didn't even use my telephoto in fact I panned all the way out because he was so close...amazing huh?
Such sweet little hummers I have :).
Gotta run, I'm going to be late for Tea. I'll tell you about the tea later and I'll post pictures too!

Bernideen said...

Beautiful photos!

Sara said...

Cori, your garden is beautiful and I love your photos. The hummingbird is quite a character! Your high tea sounds fascinating and I can't wait to hear more about it.

Colette sounds like just the sort of rose I would love...and is she named after the French author I wonder?


Carol said...

Your Garden and your photographs are so beautiful. I could get lost in there all day.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Cori; OH how I wish all my plants looked like yours. But it is way to early in the year yet.. But in a couple of months they will be. I can't wait.. You have such lovely flowers, and a very sweet looking doggy.

Kdottie Designs said...

Cori ~ I am so envious of all your beautiful flowers! Here - still nothing in bloom. The hummingbird is amazing. I always thought they just stuck their beak (?) in the flower...didn't know they had a tongue. When we have hummingbirds - they just fly away when someone is around.

I also love Elmo...what a great name. Maybe he could have a "play date" with Noodle sometime.

ellen b. said...

Hello Cori! Loved all the beautiful photos and the one of your special little friend! :0)
Sounds like you had a lovely day I'm sure. We are resting a bit today after the wedding yesterday but tomorrow I think Katie and I will head to Forest Lawn Glendale to see the stained glass of the last supper among other works of art. Blessings...

Deborah said...

Oh so pretty! I should not live in a desert, for I have to create shade and mist to have the California plants I pseudo San Diego. LOVE, love, love Elmo. **sigh** at least the weather here in my valley is lovely for now... **blows kisses**

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful garden you have --it must smell incredible with all those beautiful roses growing in it.

I wish I could move to California so that I coul enjoy all that wonderful weather you would be fun to be neighbors. :)

It is still cold here in NY and nary a bloom to be seen.

Hugs, Pat