Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Saturday after visiting Long Beach we drove across the St. Thomas Bridge and meandered about Point Fermin where the Angels Gate Light House stands. This is one of my favorite places in the world.

Growing up in Torrence my family took weekend drives around the coastline. We couldn't wait to stop and visit with the "Peanut Lady" who always had fresh roasted peanuts and salt water taffy to sell. Then we would continue down the winding road in our 65 Mustang until we came to the park near the edge of the cliffs.
If I were to say that I remember any of those weekend drives I would be telling tales since they are only lingering impressions in my memory but, every time I drive there I'm reminded of the little girl who loved to explore the edges of the sea.

This particular weekend it was the hubby, the puppies, and me. Usually the sky is overcast and there's a strong chilly wind but, today it was warm and the sun was shining brightly. The pelicans were soaring along the cliffs edge and we could even hear the seals off in the distance.
While the puppies were investigating the flower beds a guy selling ice cream came by so we indulged in some delicious ice cream sandwiches.
Of course hubby brought his planes out to play and soon found himself in trouble with the local law enforcement for climbing over the concrete wall. It was placed there because of the drop off and shifting soil due to the fact that the area is extremely unstable. Do the R.C. guys care? No! They have to be there in case they have to retrieve their plane.
Something that I do remember from my childhood is that the concrete wall wasn't always there. My dad used to love to play tricks on us kids by pretending to slip over the edge. We would all be screaming while imagining our dad laying there on the rocks below. When he finally poked his head up my mother would become so angry with him. Such fond memories of childhood :).
So, it was a relaxing peaceful day but, like all good tales it had to come to an end. We packed up our truck and headed home.


ellen b. said...

Looks idyllic! I've never even heard of this. My hubby has been over the bridge but never to this lite house...

Pat said...

I love lighthouses and I try to see any I pass in my travels. This one is so beautiful, Cori! It looks like a Victorian house. It's nice when a place brings back childhood memories.

Hugs, Pat

fairmaiden said...

Cori, I loved reading about your day by the sea cliffs. It looks like an enchanting place. How wonderful to read of your childhood too...all while listening to "Pride and Prejudice" & "braveheart" soundtracks...my favorite! Beautiful, beautiful post.