Sunday, June 22, 2008

No true , faith-winged prayer goes unanswered, but many a prayer that seems to us unanswered is really over answered. God does not grant the actual thing we ask, because He is able to do something infinitely better for us. We ask only for bodily help or relief, and He sees that we have more need for some deep spiritual blessing. He answered our souls needs before He gratifies our personal wishes. We ask for the temporal favor; He does not give it to us, but instead He gives us a spiritual good which will enrich us forever. We ask for the removal of a burden or the avoiding of a sorrow; our plea is not granted in form, but instead we receive a new impartation of the power of Christ, or an angel comes from heaven and ministers to us. Thus many times our little prayers are really over answered.

Taken from: "Today, Lord, I will"

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