Saturday, June 28, 2008

June Gloom has finally made an appearance in our little town. I've been able to pull back the drapes, open the windows, and allow the cool morning breeze to come wafting through the windows. I love mornings like this.
Today I'll spend time in my garden gathering roses to be placed in each room of our little cottage and the rest of the day I'll be sewing curtains and making flowered pillows for the Adirondacks.
I hope you all have a sweet and restful Saturday.

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fairmaiden said...

Sounds like the most lovely kind of day too! I also am enjoying those morning summer breezes, but am thinking I need to hop on my pink cruiser and go for a ride before it gets hot.

I will look forward to seeing you pillows for the adirondecks.

And I LOVE your new summer look!!!!! The display of your rose china and tea cups on the side, the pale pink and roses...I actually like it better, and I am an autumn girl!