Wednesday, June 4, 2008

If I could have worn any hat today this would have been it. This is my tea party hat. The one I like to wear when I'm feeling extra silly and very girly however, this wasn't the hat I got to wear. Today I had to wear six different hats and all of them required me to go in different directions. You're probably wondering where I'm going with all this so I'll just get to the point.
At work I have somehow become the only person who can put together a spread sheet. Not an area that I'm gifted in and yet there I am creating spread sheets and putting golf 4-somes together and rearranging 4-somes because this golfer doesn't want to golf with that golfer. Every 5 minutes someone asked me "Who's paid? Who wasn't paid? Did so and so pay?" The answer is "I DON"T KNOW TO ALL OF THOSE QUESTIONS!!!!" I AM NOT A GIRL WHO MAKES LISTS AND COORDINATES GOLFERS AND I DON'T CARE WHO'S PAID AND WHO HASN'T!!!" I'm simply the graphics girl who is unable to get her program completed and her posters finished because I'm forever being told to change that dumb list!!!!!
Both my friend Fiffers and my sweet hubby have reminded me that I am after all the "go to girl." Can't I just be the girl who designs cute things all day long? That's really what I want to do "specialize in cute!"

So, tomorrow is our Golf Tournament and when we get back to work I will begin training other people to do spread sheets, create fliers and whatever else needs to be done so I DON"T GET STUCK WEARING ALL THESE HATS!!!


ellen b. said...

Oh girl, I hear your pain. Calgon take you away. A long hot bath and a nice cup of tea?

Pat said...

I hope it all worked out for you Cori! Sometimes being talented has its burdens. It's good to vent, though, so I'm glad you got that all out here.

PS I love your tea party hat -- such a gorgeous color!

Hugs, Pat