Thursday, June 26, 2008

While playing with my blog the other day I realized it looked as if it were still wrapped in winter garments. What with all the browns, parchments, and nearly monochromatic colors I tend to use. So I decided to give it a new summer look. Something a little brighter, but hopefully not too bright! If it's too bright please let me know...I won't be offended and hopefully you'll still come back (smile).
My husband isn't so sure about the new look, but I assured him that when Autumn rolls around I'll go back to my original template as I love the cocooning effect it has.
So, I hope you'll like the new look too!


Tara said...


Love it! Like you, I am thinking of a change...this looks very inviting! Happy Friday, dear!


Pat said...

Oh, Cori, I like your redecotated blog very much! Very cool and summery. I love thoe photos of Coco and Elmo on the sidebar-- they are so cute! Is that sepia photo of you and your husband? It's so romantic.

Summer is such a busy time isn't it? I love being outdoors among the birds and flowers.

Hugs, Pat