Friday, June 6, 2008

It is good to have friends who will listen to you.

This morning was "Doggie Date Friday" where a friend and I meet on a monthly basis by the beach with our pups. I always look forward to this day because time seems to somehow slow down. The little beach towns have a rhythm and a peacefulness that is all their own and today was no different except for the heavy heart that I neatly packed away and brought with me.

There is something to be said for having a good friend who will allow you to share your heart without judgement or ridicule and today I desperately needed for someone to listen to mine. I certainly haven't been.

We sat in the grass above the sand and talked for several hours comparing notes and internal attitudes along with some other issues that needed my attention. You see, I have this problem of not being able to say "No!" It's not that I can't say no but that there are so many things that I want to do and I end up over extending myself. Before I know it I'm running on empty but still going until I finally drop exhausted.

My friend was the perfect person to talk with because she suffers from the same internal pressures and thankfully by the time we were done with my "counseling session" I felt uplifted and refreshed.

After we had solved the problems of my heart we discussed eternal issues. What would heaven be like? Who will we find there? Will we be able to fly and how does that work? (she and I both want to be able to fly). Will our puppies be there (no scriptural basis but, then, God is omnipotent and He can do whatever He wants). But the thing that amazed me the most was that she wanted her own dragon. Yes! I did say a dragon. I thought I was the only girl in the world who wanted her own dragon. They must have been the most majestic beasts created and yes, I do believe they once existed for what else would a Leviathan be (Job chapter 41)?I left the little beach town with a new insight into myself...slow down and stop putting so much pressure on yourself.


Tara said...


Sounds like a great afternoon!

Pat said...

Thanks for the lighthouse link, Cori. The web site told me that there is a similar one in New Jersey! If I ever go to the NJ shore I'll look for it.

It's always so nice to have a good friend -- I've had many a "counseling session" with mine.

Where do you find all the lovely pictures thta you use on your blogs ...they are always so perfect.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs, Pat